Friday, January 8, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Spandau Ballet

Another of the leading forces of the New Romantic movement in the 80s, Spandau Ballet had great success in Europe, and was a staple on MTV and radio, but wasn't as successful on the US Charts. Led by singer Tony Hadley, Spandau Ballet saw most of their success in the mid 80s. Hadley was joined by Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble. I was stunned to know their biggest hit, True, never hit #1, but stalled at #2, and their only Top 10 song on the US charts. The song was seemingly played non-stop in 1983, and still on the airwaves on a regular basis.

Spandau Ballet - True
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One of my favorite Spandau Ballet songs was Through The Barricades, part of the 1986 album of the same name. As always, Hadley's voice was so big and so true, although by '86 they had drifted from the New Wave/New Romantics and were pretty much a pop band.

Another of my favorites was from the 1983 album True, and came out prior to the single of the same name. It is Communication, a great song with an interesting video.

The band had gotten together in 1979, but by 1989 were showing the signs of the wear and tear. The Kemp brother, Martin and Gary, were getting acting jobs in movies, on stage, and on television, and some fights about who owned the music lead to a court battle. This lead to the announcement the band was calling it quits in 1990. The Kemp brothers continued to work on a regular basis, and Hadley tried his hand at a solo career, which was not as successful as anyone had hoped. He also tried his hand at acting, appearing on London's West End in Chicago, taking the lead as crooked lawyer Billy Flynn. However, in 2009, the band got back together and started a world tour. Tickets for the early shows in the UK sold out at an amazing rate, and lead to a new album, Once More, which featured reworked and updated version of some of the fan favorites, which was released in October. To find out what they have been up to, visit their official website here.


  1. I love to visit those crazy 1980s!

  2. Great post! I love their 80's look with those cool clothes and awesome hairstyles. Parade was the album that followed True, and had one of my faves from them - "I'll Fly for You"....Of course it's amazing how True is still heard in movies, parties and radio - some 25 + year later.
    My sis prefers "Gold".

  3. Stephen, Me too! Ah, youth!

    SteveA, thanks! Still, 'True' is everywhere!



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