Friday, January 1, 2010

REPOST: Worth Another Listen - Led Zeppelin

As part of a year-end review, I will be putting up an occasional repost of the first 6 months of Soundtrack to my Day this week.

Led Zeppelin,Robert Plant,Jimmy Page

I love Led Zeppelin, and still listen all the time. My favorite song is Since I've Been Loving You. For me, the combination of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were as close as I could get to a wet dream. They were my original Rock Gods.

Led Zeppelin,Robert Plant,Jimmy Page

Yes, they were the ones who started me on the dirty Brit boy kick, and it hasn't really abated. Even now, Robert Plant does things to me. He might be older, might weigh a little more, but when he sings, I get crazy. He recently did a CD with the queen of Bluegrass, Allison Krauss, called Raising The Sand,and it is spectacular. Check out Gone Gone Gone and Please Read The Letter.

Led Zeppelin,Robert Plant,Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin,Robert Plant,Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin loved to infuse blues and soul into their music. Robert's voice was made for the music they played, a perfect compliment to Jimmy's raging guitar. Listening to them makes me happy.

Rock Gods, I tell you.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I have always been a fan and still listen to their stuff, although not often enough. My favorites are Kashmir, Thank You, and the Immigrant Song. Oh yeah, "We come from the land of ice and snow." Now that's hot. :) A great band to feature. Thanks.

  2. Rock gods for sure - this band is the blueprint for hard rock! They started it all!



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