Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome New Followers

Top: J.P., left, and {}, right. Bottom: Funkybatty.

This has been a busy time here at Soundtrack to my Day. There are three new members, and I am proud to welcome J.P, {}, and Funkybatty.

J.P. is a handsome 34-year-old librarian assistant from Kentucky just brimming with personality. His blog, called This And That, is about books, sex and politics and can be found here. Check out his post on make-out albums. {} is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and is a beautiful single lady. Her blog is live the life you love, where she posts about what she comes across in her daily life. Funkybatty has joined us via a Twitter account, found here. Unfortunately, there are no pictures or information, but Funkybatty is most certainly welcome here.

There has been an increase in traffic coming thru the site, and I have to thank the 2010 Bloggies for that. I have most certainly seen an increase in traffic, new followers, and some very nice emails. Whether or not you voted for Soundtrack to my Day, I am most honored you stopped by for a visit. Since voting is closing on Sunday evening, I suspect things will be settling down a bit, and hope when they do, the new followers will be joining in the conversation. In the meanwhile, to celebrate all the new members of the family, as well as those passing thru, here is Livingston Taylor, JT's brother, singing Good Friends.


  1. I just wanted you to know that I presented you with a Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks for your wonderful blog and for the great blogging efforts and your consistently thoughtful and kreativ posts. Thanks Howard.

    I know it pales in comparison to the Bloogies, but it's the best I can do! My fingers are crossed for you and my vote is already logged.

  2. Stan, thank you so much. And this is also very important, for it comes from people I know and respect. Very special indeed.

  3. thanks for the mention & i just downloaded the amazon $5 deal on matt morris. looking forward to reading your blog & music suggestions!

  4. {live a life of love} you are welcome, and I hope you love the album. I do!



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