Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bagdad Calling

In 1987, I was living in New York City and a single man, spending most of my free time with a group I affectionately referred to as 'My Lesbians.' They were a fantastic bunch, and we did so much together. They saw me through my break-up with Bill, and also my break-up with Michael. One of the things we did was go to plenty of movies. One such movie was Bagdad Cafe, which the lesbians had already seen, but loved it so much they wanted to go back and take me with them. And they were right, it was a great film, with one of the most interesting songs in the movies - beautiful, jazzy, haunting and just flat-out magical. It captured the mood of the movie perfectly. I bought the album just to have the song, and still listen to it, finding it perfect when I want to relax.


  1. Love that movie. And near the Castro there is a diner called the Bagdad Cafe.

  2. What a great choice, Howard. We love that movie. I saw it in college at the Student Center, and have been haunted by the theme song ever since. I totally agree with you in your critque of Calling You. Beautiful. Rich. Haunting.

  3. Kailyn, great movie - but the song is outrageously great!

    Stan, thanks!



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