Friday, April 18, 2014

Jason Walker • Telli It To My Heart feat Bimbo Jones video

Jason Walker - Tell It to My Heart photo TellIt2MyHeart001_zps1ba128a4.jpg
Jason Walker - Tell It to My Heart photo TellIt2MyHeart002_zps736ae2b9.jpg Jason Walker - Tell It to My Heart photo TellIt2MyHeart003_zps5a4a8b4e.jpg

Bold, brash and breath-taking, it all is part of the experience when listening to the music of Jason Walker. That is certainly the case when Jason collaborates with Bimbo Jones on the Taylor Dayne hit, "Tell It To My Heart". About a month ago, I posted about the single, but now there is a music video, and I can't stop watching it! Filmed on the streets, the video was directed by Patricia Nieto. This is Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones with "Tell It To My Heart".

"Tell It To My Heart" can be found on 'Love/Sexo'. The song can be purchased as a single on iTunes and Amazon. 'Love/Sexo' is a 23-song release featuring some of the top performers of Dance and Pop music recording now. You can purchase the album from iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Jason Walker, visit his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter, and 'like' him on Facebook. For more about Bimbo Jones, visit their official website. You can also 'like' them on Facebook, and 'follow' them on Twitter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Matt Gold • Appreciated

Matt Gold - Appreciated photo Appreciated003_zps1a4b8c9b.jpg
Matt Gold - Appreciated photo Appreciated002_zps8610f1ba.jpg Matt Gold - Appreciated photo Appreciated001_zps779eda7d.jpg

When I saw Matt Gold had a new music video out, I was instantly excited and couldn't wait to watch it. And to hear it. You see, ever since I head his first album, 'Drown Before You Swim', I've been a fan of his voice. And soon as the video began to play, I was excited, for it has a new sound and feel. While his earlier work has a personal feel, their is a delicious lightness to "Appreciated", and I just love it. And the music video is every bit as tasty, as it has such joy and whimsy. Just hit play and you will understand why I love Matt Gold's "Appreciated" so much!

I must assume that you now must love it too! The combination of animation and stop-action video adds to the light feel, and makes the video very bit a banquet for the eyes as it is for the ears! I had to buy it, and put it in my April 2014 playlist! "Appreciated' can be purchased from iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. To learn more about Matt Gold, visit his official website. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Corday • Riding a Rainbow

Corday - Riding a Rainbow photo CordayRidingARainbowCOVER_zps29281719.jpg

The moment I read the email from Jennifer Corday, I went directly to iTunes to download the new single from the band Corday, "Riding a Rainbow". Not only am I a fan of the music of the Rockers, I am also impressed the money is going to charity. Jennifer was inspired to write the song while training for the AIDS Lifecycle ride. "The actual ride takes place June 1-7, and is 545 miles, from San Francisco to Los Angeles," she explained. "There are thousands of cyclers and this will be an amazing journey!" What she delivers is a beautiful and uplifting song I will listen to again and again. It might have been inspired by a bicycle ride, but it is asking us to be brave, and follow your dreams. This is Corday with "Riding a Rainbow".

The money from the sales of "Riding a Rainbow" will be going to AIDS Lyfecycle, a worthy charity. Jennifer needs $3,000 to participate in the ride, and you can help her get that done. You can purchase "Riding a Rainbow" from Jennifer's online store, iTunes, and Amazon. For more about Jennifer Corday, visit her official website, or you can 'like' her on Facebook. To learn more about AIDS/Lifecycle, visit their official website.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tim Campbell • High School Disco

Tim Campbell - Play That Funky Music photo PlayThatFunkyMusic001_zps79f96ef0.jpg
Tim Campbell - Play That Funky Music photo PlayThatFunkyMusic003_zpsae0c25a7.jpg Tim Campbell - Play That Funky Music photo PlayThatFunkyMusic002_zps0c23702c.jpg
Tim Campbell - Play That Funky Music photo PlayThatFunkyMusic004_zps8ca41087.jpg

I was first introduced by Tim Campbell when he was doing a Christmas duet with one of my favorite singers, Anthony Callea. A little bit of diligent research and I learned Tim was a talented actor and singer, as well as being Anthony's partner. And I was very excited when news broke that Tim signed on for his own album. I was doubly hyped when I saw a music video was released. I do love it when a handsome stud-muffin like Tim Campbell gets the makeover to be the geeky guy, only to soon show his true sexy side when the lights are burning bright. Damn, I guess I should have announced "Spoilers!" first, but after you check out the music video for "Play That Funky Music", I doubt you will mind at all. The song is the first off his debut album 'High School Disco'. The song was written by Robert Parissi, the lead singer of the band Wild Cherry. It was a huge hit for the band, making it to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976. It was the only hit for the band. In the video, Tim plays the geeky music teacher being run over by his students. He seeks a bit a relief when he breaks out in song, only to have the kids so impressed they join right in with him. This is the music video for Tim Campbell's "Play That Funky Music".

'High School Disco' is a collection of great songs given a fresh sound by Campbell and his cohorts. The album includes a bunch of songs that have been played and loved by generations of high school students, all looking to have some fun on the dance floor. Covering music by The Jacksons, Madonna, George Michael, Roxette, The Monkees, Simple Minds, The Isley Brothers, Peaches & Herb, and others, 'High School Disco' made me happy from the moment I hit play. Here is a taste of the album, with great clips of what went on behind the scenes.

See, you thought you couldn't like him more, or Find Tim any more adorable, and then you watched that video! But when I listen to 'High School Disco', it is the music that gets me going. Tim's voice is strong, and so filled with charm and charisma. I am particularly fond of "Holiday", "Footloose", "Faith" and "Shout!", and "Play That Funky Music". I have to admit, I love all 14 tracks, and can't get enough of 'High School Disco'. Whenever I listen to it, it is like an explosion of fun and joy takes place in my mind. So glad I own this!

Tim Campbell - High School Disco photo TimCampbellHighSchoolDiscoCOVER_zpsa1bf2c3c.jpg

'High School Disco' can be found in the Untied States on iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Tim, visit his official website. You can also visit the official website for the album, which can give you information of the tour in Australia. If only I was in the right hemisphere, I'd so be cheering Tim on at as many performances I could attend! As for the social media, you can 'like' Tim on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. He is a blast to follow, and I would highly recommend you do it. Right after you buy 'High School Disco'.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dark Monday • Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris in 'Company' photo neil-patrick-harris-christina-hendricks-company-closing-04_zps518f0568.jpg
Neil Patrick Harris in 'Company' photo o-NEIL-PATRICK-HARRIS-COMPANY-facebook_zps0e8729dd.jpg
Top: Neil Patrick Harris with Christina Hendricks. Bottom: The cast of 'Company'.

To mark the occasion of the wedding this coming Saturday of my niece Amanda to her wrestling madmen, Mark, I thought I would bring up a little Stephen Sondheim, for it is impossible to go wrong with Sondheim. When I combine Stephen Sondheim with Neil Patrick Harris, it only gets better, right? And when I start off with a shirtless picture of NPH, it is beyond good, and into the levels of tasty that shouldn't be allowed, at least not in respectable blogs. Well, thankfully, this blog is not the kind of blog that might keep you from enjoying a little Stephen, a little Neil, and a little "Marry Me A Little" from the 2011 production of 'Company'.

Neil Patrick Harris was just the cherry on top of this star-studded production. Also in the cast were Stephen Colbert, Craig Bierko, Jon Cryer, Katie Finneran, Christina Hendricks, Aaron Lazar, Jill Paice, Martha Plimpton, Anika Noni Rose, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Jim Walton, Chryssie Whitehead, and the always amazing Patti LuPone. You can purchase the DVD of 'Company' starring Neil Patrick Harris from Amazon. You can also rent of buy 'Company' from Amazon Instant Video. The production can also be found on iTunes, where you can rent or buy it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dark Monday • Dancin'

Dancin' from 1978 photo dancin_poster_zps1a44acd5.jpg

In 1978, Fosse had an idea that was really new. He wanted to do a show that pulled music from popular culture, with no real story or singing. He proposed that idea for 'Dancin'', starring exactly what the title suggests, dancing. The music came from so many sources, be it Pop, Rock, Swing, or any other form of music. He wanted nothing written for the show, just music that could inspire him to make magic. The show utilized the music of Neil Diamond, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johnny Mercer, Carole Bayer Sager & Melissa Manchester, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, Sigmund Romberg, and John Philip Sousa, among others.

Dancin' from 1978 photo dancin_original460_zps5d6be9bd.jpg

One of the songs was "Sing! Sing" Sing! (With A Swing)", written in 1936 by Louis Prima, with the most popular recording being by Benny Goodman that same year. The performance was featured on the Tony Awards telecast, so we are lucky enough to have that preserved for all time. This is the Broadway cast of 'Dancin'' in the musical number "Sing! Sing" Sing! (With A Swing)".

For this production, Bob Fosse was the Tony Award for Best Choreography that year. It was his 7th win, and he eventually ended up with a remarkable 8 Tony Awards for choreography. He also had another for Best Direction of a Musical for the 1973 production of 'Pippin'. The show ran for almost 1,800 performances, ensuring it was a big hit. In fact, because Fosse co-produced the show, 'Dancin'' became his biggest financial success in the theater.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrating Doris Day

Doris Day photo DorisDay_zpsb92a10dd.jpg

Born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff on April 3, 1922, this past Thursday Doris Day turned 92 years old. (Wikipedia says 1922, but IMDB says 1924, so I might be wrong there.) I remember being a child, and watching Day movies with my mother. She was often in comedies with handsome men, like Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, Rod Taylor and James Garner, who also piqued my interest. Sometimes she sang, both slow ballads and uptempo numbers. But no matter what she was doing, I remember loving every minute of it. I think it helped my mother seemed to love her as well, and often said people said she looked like Doris. Several decades later, I remember those times, and still stop channel surfing to watch Day in a film when it is playing on TCM.

Doris Day photo doris-day_inside_zpsfff568b0.jpg

Doris Day also had a career as a singer, starting off as a big band singer in 1939, first being hired by Barney Rapp to front his band. Doris also went on to work with bandleaders Jimmy James, Bob Crosby, and Les Brown. I will start with a recording with Day did with bandleader Brown, "Till The End of Time". The song was written by lyricist Buddy Kaye and composer Ted Mossman in 1945, the same year it was recorded by Brown and Day. This is "Till The End of Time" as released by Les Brown and his band of Renown with singer Doris Day.

The next song had music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Irving Caesar, and was written for the 1925 musical 'No, No, Nanette'. The version of "I Want to be Happy" I am most familiar with is more than likely the one by Benny Goodman, but since it has been covered by so many, it is tough to say my favorite. Day had started working with the Page Cavanaugh Trio in the late 1940s, and they made some great music. In 1950, Day recorded it for the album 'Tea for Two'. This is Doris Day singing "I Want To Be Happy" with the Page Cavanaugh Trio.

"Make Someone Happy" was found in a Broadway show with music by the great Jule Styne, and lyrics by the fantastic Betty Comden and Adolph Green. The show was 'Do Re Mi', and it played on Broadway in 1960. Immediately, some of he great talents were lining up to record the song. Day did just that, putting it on her 1960 album 'Bright and Shiny'. It was a great fit for her voice. This is Doris Day singing "Make Someone Happy", recorded with Neal Hefti and His Orchestra.

The last song on this post is a fun one, off the 1964 release 'Latin for Lovers'. "Quizás, quizás, quizás" is a popular song by Cuban songwriter Osvaldo Farrés. The song was a hit in 1947 for singer Bobby Capó. English lyrics were written by Joe Davis, which were not a translation, but a new set of lyrics. That version, known as "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", was first sung by Desi Arnez in 1948, and was quickly recorded by several others. Day was not the first in line, for it took 16 years for her version, but it was worth the wait. This is Doris Day singing "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps".

So Happy Birthday, Doris Day! For more information about Doris Day, visit her official website. In 2012, to mark her 90/88th birthday, the collection 'With a Smile and a Song' was released, containing some great music. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon.


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