Friday, February 20, 2015

Date Night • Let's Fall In Love & Eden

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Tonight, I offer you up a bit of love for date night. The first is an Italian short by director Pappi Corsicato that seems to get some inspiration from Cole Porter. In 1928, the song "Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love" premiered on the Broadway stage in the musical 'Paris'. As an instrumental version of the song plays in the background of the 3 minute film, two young men walk through a mall, sharing more than just a moment. Unfortunately, love is an emotion that doesn't always fly solo. Some are taught that fear goes with their love. This is 'Let's Fall in Love'.

Our next short film was written by Jason A. Rostovsky and directed by Sean Willis. Together, they also acted as producers for 'Eden'. The story takes place in the future, and looks at the relationship of Adam (Devon Graye) and Everett (Derek Stusynski), two young men trapped in a world where everyone is telling them there is something wrong with them. It is with the help of a nurse (Mary Mackey) that they learn love is the answer. This is 'Eden'.

Have a great weekend!

Faith Michaels ft Power Infiniti and Nina Flowers • Crooked

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Faith Michaels is based out of Key West, Florida, living the good life with gorgeous weather in a picturesque community while being featured in the top-rated drag show at Aqua Nightclub. She has also had quite the career in music, with her first hit, "Fetish", earning awards from festivals in Germany, and earning fans around the world. I guess that does make her the Queen of all media, doesn't it?

 photo Faith-Michaels-Nina-Infiniti_zps3769397c.jpg

Faith's latest release is "Crooked", a great new dance song that also features Power Infiniti and RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Nina Flowers, both great queens and DJs in their own right. Together, this royal group shares the ins and out of life in the court, while willing to point out that some queens might find their crown in "Crooked". This is the official music video for "Crooked" by Faith Michaels, featuring Power Infiniti and Nina Flowers.

For more about Faith Michaels, visit her official website. You can also check her out on social media, and 'follow' her on Twitter, and 'like' her on Facebook. "Crooked" can be found on Faith's latest release, 'Pop'. You can purchase 'Pop' from iTunes and Amazon.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Dark Monday • Vivian Blaine • Adelaide's Lament

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On November 24, 1950, a new Broadway musical opened at the 46th Street Theater, and was an instant hit for theatergoers and critics alike. 'Guys and Dolls' had music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. The story was based on "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown" and "Blood Pressure", two short stories by Damon Runyon, as well as pulling a couple of characters from a few other of Runyon's works. It starred Robert Alda as Sky Masterson, Sam Levene as Nathan Detroit, Isabel Bigley as Sister Sarah Brown, and Vivian Blaine as Adelaide. The show was nominated for five Tony Awards, and won them all, including Best New Musical. 'Guys and Dolls' was selected as the winner of the 1951 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. However, because of writer Abe Burrows' troubles with the House Un-American Activities Committee, the gutless Trustees of Columbia University vetoed the selection, and no Pulitzer for Drama was awarded that year.

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Of the four leads from Broadway, Vivian Blaine was the only one to revive her performance. She joined Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, and Jean Simmons on screen, once again to good notices. Adelaide was a night club performer, and in a relationship with Nathan Detroit, hoping to get a ring. While thinking about it, she reads an article about the effects waiting for a proposal can take on a person. The song is "Adelaide's Lament", and it remains one of the most popular from the great score of 'Guys and Dolls'. This performance was recorded during the 1971 Tony Awards, when they offered highlights of previous years. There is a wonderful introduction by the late Jerry Orbach, who played Sky Masterson in a 1965 revival. This is Vivian Blaine singing "Adelaide's Lament" from 'Guys and Dolls'.

In 1983, Blaine became the first star to make a public service announcement for AIDS-related causes, including AIDS-Project Los Angeles. In fact, she donated the royalties from several recordings to the group. On December 9, 1995, Vivian Blaine died of congestive heart failure. She was 74 years old.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine 2015 • Spencer Day • Never My Love

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I know Valentine's weekend is coming to a close, but I just couldn't stop. But I do feel as though this might be a good place to stop it. Because Spencer Day is a lot of things, and a finisher might be one of them. For the moment I first heard him singing, I was finished. I was instantly a fan, and will be for as long as he makes music. That first song was "Till You Come to Me", off the album 'Vagabond'. Well, I have purchased a few more since then, and I only get more excited with each one. The latest, 'Daybreak', is a delicious combination of original songs and covers of great records from the 1960s, with just the right amount of Spencer in each one. "Never My Love" was written by American brother Donald and Richard Addrisi, and was best known from as a hit for The Association in 1967. This is the classic song as sung by Spencer Day.

"Never My Love" is featured on Spencer's latest album, 'Daybreak'. You can purchase 'Daybreak' from iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon. You can find out more about Spencer with a visit to his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. And I hope you had a great Valentine's Weekend!

Valentine 2015 • Chadwick Johnson • Unchained Melody

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As part of my celebration of Valentine's Day, I am offering up some songs from some of my favorite artists. Luckily enough, I am able to pair up one of the greatest love songs ever with one of my favorite vocalists. "Unchained Melody" was written by Alex North and Hy Zaret in 1955. North had written the music for a prison movie, 'Unchained', which is how the song got the name. It was made famous by the recording made by the Righteous Brothers, a world-wide hit in 1965. Fast-forward 47 years, and Chadwick Johnson recorded the song as part of his 2012 release, 'Soul Rising'. I had been eagerly awaiting the release of the album since first finding Chadwick's music after falling in love with his recording of "Intoxicated". His voice is like magic to me, and I could listen to it all the time. Check it out for yourself with Chadwick Johnson singing "Unchained Melody".

I love Chadwick's voice, and can't stop listening to the album. To learn more about Chadwick Johnson, visit his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter, and "like" him on Facebook. You can purchase your own copy of 'Soul Rising' from iTunes or Amazon.

Valentine 2015 • Will Young • Love

Will Young photo Will-Young_zps51ca1f1e.jpg

In my continuation of the Valentine's lovefest, I offer you a love song from the UK's Will Young. Will was, of course, the first winner of the UK's 'Pop Idol', the brand from which so many artists sprang from, like 'American Idol''s stars Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and others. I was a fan early on, and continued to follow his music. In 2008, Will released 'Let It Go', which included the hits "Changes" and "Grace". And while it wasn't released as a single, I really liked the song "Love". It was the eighth track on the album. This is "Love".

In 2011, Will released the album 'Echos', which is really a great album. Unfortunately, it is not available to his fans in the United States, unless they follow my example, and order it as an export. One of my favorite songs off the album is "I Just Want A Lover", written by Will, Mima Stilwell, and Jim Eliot. And the music video is very cool.

To date, Will has released five studio albums, and every one has been certified at least Platinum in sales. His second, 'Friday's Child', was certified 5 X Platinum! "Love" can be found on Will's fourth album, and you can purchase 'Let It Go' from iTunes and Amazon. And while you cannot buy 'Echoes', you can purchase the music video in iTunes. To learn more about Will Young, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter.

Valentine 2015 • Ian Shaw • Somewhere Towards Love

Ian Shaw photo ian_shaw1_zps9a194100.jpg

As part of my celebration of Valentine's Day, I am offering up some songs from some of my favorite artists. Here I will include one I have discovered more recently, with the help of my friend J.D. Doyle of Queer Music Heritage. He recognized my love of Jazz music, and told me to check out the music of Welshman Ian Shaw. I am delighted he did. I fell in love, and could not get enough of his music. I must admit to buying several of his albums, including 'Somewhere Towards Love', a wonderful combination of classic songs and original material. I am very fond of the title track, and was doubly impressed to learn it was written by Shaw. His vocal stylings are so strong, and now I could say the same for his writing. This is the recording of Ian Shaw's "Somewhere Towards Love".

I am particularly fond of this album, as you can tell. But I do love them all, so you just need to check him out! To learn more about Ian Shaw, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. You can download a copy of 'Somewhere Towards Love' from iTunes or Amazon.


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