Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Night Party - Communards

They burned so bright for such a short period of time, but I love them still. The Communards, the group made up of vocalist extraordinaire Jimmy Somerville and classically-trained keyboardist Richard Coles, were only together from 1985 to 1988, but their own particular take on music was glorious, with fantastic original music and some great new looks at older classics. I would often put their albums on the turntable and let them spin, dancing in my Brooklyn apartment. Whether I was cleaning the apartment, or just enjoying myself, I could always count on the music to make me sing, dance, and be happy.

The Communards put out 2 studio albums in their time together, the 1985 self-titled release and the 1987 album, Red. Both were excellent, and far too much play from me. Whether I was going through a breakup, or just wanting to have a great time, Jimmy and Richard were there for me. I went to see them once in NYC, and had the most magical time, because Jimmy's voice is every bit as spectacular live, if not more so! And Richard is even more adorkable.



So Cold The Night

The Communards - So Cold The Night - MyVideo

Never Can Say Goodbye


  1. When they're first album came out, I was in college in San Diego. I would catch a ride back to school from the Bay Area with this one friend. Our soundtrack for the eight-hour drive consisted of The Communards album in its entirety, Fishbone, and The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead.

  2. Oh no you didn't - oh yes you did - WOW - another one of my faves. Don't Leave Me This Way Communards style is a pure gem of a gay anthem. I love dancing to this with my partner - it's fun.

    Of course Jimmy's voice is beautiful and unusual so you could recognise it anywhere!

    Tomorrow is also a great song from them.

    Love this post - it is rocking awesome!

  3. The only saving grace to the break up of Bronski Beat was the creation of The Communards.

  4. Kailyn, Yes, that sounds like a great soundtrack for a roadtrip!

    SteveA, I can even pick out Jimmy's vocals on the Fine Young Cannibals 'Suspicious Minds.'

    Behr, well said, my friend, well said.

  5. Love the Communards.
    LoveLoveLove Jimmy!
    He can do no wrong.

  6. They have been on my playlist for 25 years, I have gone on to love Bronski Beat & Jimmy's solo work. Thanks for this!

  7. Stephen, same with me! Love Jimmy in whatever form, so you are welcome.



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