Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Theo Tams Live - Fan Videos

Since I am not sure when or if I will get to see Canadian Theo Tams in concert, I appease myself by searching out fan videos of him performing live. I am really impressed with his live videos, making me think about making the trip north to catch him for myself. I enjoy that his setlist is a combination of songs from his debut album, Give It All Away, and an imaginative group of cover songs, clearly defining him as an artist who plays music he connects with. So I try to make up my own list of songs I'd like to hear Theo sing, and came up with the following. There is Let Go, I'm Gonna Say, and Dead Wrong, all from his album. Dead Wrong is one on my favorites, I just love the inherent soulfulness, Theo's voice is tailor made for this type of song. I also will add The Sweet Ones, a song written by Sarah Slean. And there is a cover of Five For Fighting's Superman that I find particularly nice. The performances were videotaped at live shows as varied as a venue in Toronto, an outdoor mall as he raised money for children, and a private show at a radio station. So sit back and enjoy the show.

Let Go

Sweet Ones

I'm Gonna Say

Superman (Five For Fighting cover)

Dead Wrong

You can purchase Giving It All Away here. I still listen to my copy all the time, so it is worth it. And I have to figure out when I will make it to see Theo, or at least convince some fans to record my favorite song from the album, Reckless. To find out more about Theo, you can visit his official website here.


  1. As amazing as these live clips are, nothing can quite capture the magic of seeing Theo perform live in concert from hearing his warm, rich voice to actually watching his unique way of playing piano, totally connecting with the music. I really do hope that you have the pleasure of experiencing that one day as well as meeting him as Theo is wonderfully charming, sweet, and real.

  2. Tams Fan, I, too, hope I get to see Theo live and in person at some point, sooner, rather than later. I really enjoy his music!



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