Saturday, January 2, 2010

Doctor Who - The End of Time Part 2

This episode has been a long time in the televising. It will be the last episode for avid Tennant to be Doctor Who, something that has been know for about a year, so no spoilers there. He is leaving the show, and Matt Smith will be the new Doctor. There has been no 'full' season this year, just a series of specials, ending with The End of Time parts 1 & 2. Part 1 was on BBC America Last week, and part 2 is on this evening. Since patience has never been a virtue I have held dear, I found a copy and watched it last night. It is an excellent episode.

I won't spoil too much, but there is a great storyline with a big battle between the Doctor and The Master, the last two surviving Time Lords. The Master has been a nemesis of The Doctor for a long time, appearing in the show decades ago. Every time the Doctor has defeated him, you think you have seen the last of him, but it never seems to be the case. John Simms plays The Master, and I have to say, he is quite sexy. I do love a pretty bad boy.

There is a return of some old friends, which is delightful to see, like Rose & Jackie Tyler, the gorgeous Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness [with an interesting moment with Midshipman Alonzo Frame], Sarah Jane Smith & her cute son, and Donna Noble, with grandfather Will & mother Sylvia.

There are some new friends, like Timothy Dalton [Damn, he is still gorgeous] and Claire Booth.

Part 1 had left off with The Master making everyone on Earth in his own likeness, in fact, his own DNA. In part 2, he is trussed up, saved by 'cacti', fights the battle of a lifetime, and regenerates.

And the New Doctor appears.

Here is a preview of the upcoming season with the new Doctor, Matt Smith.



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