Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Party - Taylor Dayne

She broke out on the music scene in 1987, with big hair and an even bigger voice. Taylor Dayne soared through her first single, "Tell It To My Heart", with the look of Madonna and a sound that was very much her own. The girl from Long Island, NY, opened that mouth, and power and beauty spilled out. And she danced up a storm on the videos, usually with very pretty, half-clad boys.

She followed up with "Prove Your Love", another rousing Dance song. Like the last, the song made it to #7 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, fairly impressive for a new artist. The third single, "I'll Always Love You", was a power ballad, went to #3 on the chart, and played on the radio non-stop. Thankfully, it is an amazing performance.

In 1990, Taylor had her first #1 on the Pop charts, "Love Will Lead You Back". The girl flat-out sings her heart out, even if the hair is more tamed and she suddenly looked all California, not Long Island.

Her most recent hit song was 2008's "Beautiful", worth watching for the video alone. Oh, those boys! But the song is another great one, and it made it to #1 on the US Dance chart. Here is the dance remix.

She had five studio albums in 20 years, and scored 17 individual Top Ten's on Billboard Chart. You can find most of the songs featured on her 'Greatest Hits' album, available on iTunes and Amazon. You can find out more about Taylor Dayne on her official website.


  1. What a great post and talk about going back in the day! I loved her and she jumped started similar artist to herself with the sound of her vocals, like Anastacia. I could never tell then apart at first when one of their songs would come on. But my favorite Dayne song is Can't Get Enough of Your Love. Her dance remix was unforgetable for me. Some happy club nights, thats for sure!!!!

  2. I loved her!! I sang, "Love Will Lead You Back" to my bedroom mirror all the time!

  3. When she came out I could not believe that such a powerful voice could come out of such a hot looking babe - her voice was big! I loved her stuff - her debut album had so much great stuff on it and it realy showed that she can sing pop, dance and rock.
    I liked "I'll Be Your Shelter" - that's my fave!

  4. Maddie, thanks! Too many great memories!

    Michael, did you grab your brush 'microphone'?

    SteveA, It was fascinating, all that voice coming out of that tiny thing will all that hair...

  5. And her real name is Leslie Wunderman. HOW GREAT IS THAT? Baldwin, Long Island, NY. Go Girl.

  6. Big fan of hers, too! What a great post about her and love the songs you chose to go with it. She has a way of being both powerful and vulnerable, doesn't she?

    I don't always comment but do get over here and read your blog a few times a week.

  7. Anon, Just a girl from Long Island, with a great voice!

    Joy, I appreciate it when you stop by. And yes, Taylor has an interesting way of riding the fine line, being strong and open.

  8. I'm a big fan of hers Howard. Her strong vocals and grooves can't be beat. The "Beautiful" video/song is out of this world. Glad you featured her. :)

  9. Kyle, she has soooo much good music!



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