Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Spring Tours 2010

Aiden James, Christopher Dallman, Eric Himan, Eric & the Adams, Garrin Benfield, and Tom Goss have started putting Spring tours together, so I thought I would give everyone heads up on them. Also, Derek & the Darling have schedule the CD Release Party, so they are here, too. While the schedules below are screencaps, you can click on the names above them to be taken to the interactive schedules. I will try to update as changes occur, but you should check the artist or venue schedule to be sure. I know sometimes these schedules will overlap - Aiden & Christopher will have some shows together, and there might be more. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend seeing any of these talents! I know I will, any chance I get.

Aiden James

Christopher Dallman

Derek & the Darling

Eric Himan (solo tour)

Eric & the Adams

Garrin Benfield

Tom Goss

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