Saturday, January 23, 2010

the 2010 Bloggies

Imagine my surprise and delight when I happened across the Tenth Annual Weblog Awards and saw this blog nominated in the category Best Weblog About Music with four other accomplished blogs. Truthfully, shock might best describe it, as I hadn't realized the blog was even under consideration, let alone be among the finalists in the category. To whomever made the original nomination, I am grateful for your appreciation of Soundtrack to my Day, which is a labor of love. For the preliminary voters who put us in the finals, I am honored. For those of you who would like to vote for us, you have my appreciation.

A big part of any blog are the comments, and I have been lucky to have a great group of regular followers as well as the occasional visitor who have added to the great atmosphere enjoyed on these pages. Your contributions are certainly a contribution to the success of the blog, and, for me, a part of the reason for the nomination. Thank you so very much.

The above is the category, as well as the others nominated; Pretty Much Amazing, When We Were Beautiful, Music Road, and Stereogum. I checked them out, and all are quite nice and deserving of support. Also, in the Lifetime Achievement category, Joe Jervis is nominated, and deserving of support, as his Joe.My.God blog is incredible.

The voting procedure is one vote per email address. If you return to vote again, the ballot will be replaced, so be sure to mark all the categories you have with favorites. Voting is open from now until Sunday, January 31st at 10PM. To place you vote, go here, where the screen goes horizontally, not vertically. The music category is about halfway across. But do check out all the categories and blogs, there are some fascinating entries. At the far right, there is a place to fill in your email address and an anti-spam word device before completing the process. A verification email will be sent to the address to finalize the vote. The winner will be announced in March at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. For those who will vote for the blog, thank you so very much.


  1. Congratulations... you have a stunningly good blog. Music is a passion of mine & you have turned me on to so amazing new music & gently reminded me of some old favorites... you have my vote!

  2. Howard hon, what a great acomplishment and a honor!!! You haven't even had your blog a year yet have you? That's HUGE!!! You really are a gret service and what well, entertaining pieces you write! Plus you have a comfortable balance of all types of music....except polka music!!!LOL. Baby steps.


  3. You totally DESERVE this ... don't ever think otherwise.


  4. That's fantastic, Howard, congrats! I voted! (For you, of course!)

  5. Congratulations Howard, I already voted for your amazing blog. Well done indeed. I am surprised taht you found out be happenstance. You would think they'd contact you and let you know.
    You're deserving of this award as your daily doses of past, present, and relatively unknown artists is a real treat for us out here in the 'sphere.

    My very best wishes for a positive outcome.

  6. What a GREAT thing!
    No surprise, though, as I come here for my musical flash backs and my musical flash forwards.
    Consdier yourself voted for!

  7. Congrats! That is very cool! And well deserved.

  8. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and would have thought they'd have let you know you were nominated.

    You totally deserve this, and I hope you win. You cover such a range of musical genre and have introduced me to new listening pleasures and revisited favorites. Carry on! You've already made it work! :-)

  9. Stephen, Maddie, David, Beth, Stan, Bob, Corve, Michael, and Joy:

    Thank you so very much. Your support it greatly appreciated.

  10. Voted!:) Thanks for your support Howard from myself, Angel and Jimmy!!:)

  11. Howard, I am so happy for you and you deserve this so much. I had to post it, because this is a bomb ass blog.

    Good luck

  12. Eric, thanks so much. Hope you, Angel & Jimmy are touring soon so I can see you!

    Wonder Man, thank you so much.

  13. If anyone needs to get this award, it is you Howard. You put so much time and effort into each entry you construct. Your love of music shins though in every post. Passion, in any form, is truly beautiful. :)

  14. Kyle, thank you, you are far too kind.

  15. I missed this - congrats - your blog rocks. For me - reading your posts reminds me of my youth; my time with my brother and sister- where we wold fight over who's names would go on each album (I choose Kiss; my sister Wham and my brother got the obscure rock ones); and of course a whole bunch of great memories - all this because of your blog and writings.

    That is priceless - you deserve to win. Not to mention your vast knowledge of music and the likes!

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  16. SteveA, thank you so much. With the blog, I get to combine some great memories from the past with some memories in the making, mostly tied to music.

  17. I didn't know about it until the actual voting but congratulations Howard - it's a brilliant blog.

    This is actually a message to say I left you a message on Twitter asking you to read a message on YouTube lol

    ie can you check your YouTube Inbox please?

    Sorry if you're getting this twice - the site keeps losing connection.

  18. Awesome man! Congratu-freakin-lations, you deserve it--your blog is terrific!!



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