Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome New Followers

Well, this has been a busy week, between the Bloggy nomination, the Kreativ Blogger Award, and several new followers joining the family. In fact, there have been four in the last few days! So I'd like to welcome SE, mrosstheboss, Punk and Cecilia Villero.

Top: SE & Punk. Bottom: Cecilia & MRossTheBoss.

SE is one of the team members for the blog Skeptical Eye. For a little more background, try SE's page here. Punk is a Google member from Atlanta, Georgia, who says her interests are "Music, writing, punctuation, grammar, Canada. Why Canada? I wish I knew." You can find more about her here. Cecilia is from Brighton, Massachusetts, and a Google member. You can find her page here. MRossTheBoss is a Canadian friend with a blog that can be found here. Sounds like our type of person, for the 'about me' includes "most of all i like music, sharing it, listening to it, groovin to it, pretending i know how to mix it."

Thanks for joining the group and I hope we get a chance to hear from you soon. In my own way of extending a welcome, I offer you one of my favorite artists [admittedly, I have many] singing a song I really love. In this case, it is a song written by the stunningly handsome Shane Mack, who also sings with Ashley Arrison, to the song Someone Like You. By the way, I am still waiting for a Shane Mack album. I mean, the boy is just so very talented!

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