Friday, January 22, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Annie Golden

With a career spanning the stage, films, pop radio and CBGBs, Annie Golden certainly showcased her talents on many different genre, but always managed to shine. As a member of the band The Shirts, she opened for some of the great rock and punk bands of the late 70s, including Television and Talking Heads. Based in NYC, Golden also earned a living appearing on Broadway, in shows like the '77 revival of Hair, the Phil Spector musical Leader of the Pack, Ah, Wilderness!, and Bernstein's On the Town. She Golden was also a guest star on some of the top shows of the time, including Miami Vice. While recording the debut Shirts album in London in 1978, she commuted back to the states to film Milos Forman's big screen Hair.

The Shirts enjoyed both critical and financial success in the UK and Europe, but could not make inroads on the US charts. One of their Euro-hits was 1978's Tell Me Your Plans.

The Shirts had a couple of albums that did well overseas, the third did not do as well, and in 1981, the band called it quits. While Annie continued to work, she also picked up some work on some movie soundtracks, including on the John Hughes hit movie Sixteen Candles. Not only did the soundtrack album do well, but so did Annie's song Hang Up The Phone, and the accompanying video played non-stop on all outlets. Fun, poppy and retro, the video just makes you smile.

Enjoy your Friday afternoon!


  1. Hi - I love that vintage pic of her (3rd) - it shows a classic punk vunerability!

  2. SteveA, it is a classic shot, isn't it?



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