Saturday, January 9, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Tommy Tutone

Another of the mistaken One Hot Wonders to grace the 80s were Tommy Tutone. The California-based band specialized in a blend of pop-rock and bar-band sounds that appealed to the public enough to make 867-5309/Jenny a huge hit in 1982. The band was lead singer Tommy Heath, guitarist Jim Keller, bassist Terry Nails and drummer Mickey Shine. They began as Tommy & the Tutones, but later simplified the name to Tommy Tutone.

While many think of this as their one and only hit song, it seems that is not the truth. Two years before, they released Angel Say No, a fact I only know with the help of Wikipedia and YouTube. The song broke the Top 40, landing at #38 on the Billboard charts in 1980.

These two were the only songs the band had on the charts, and soon the band when through revisions. At this point, only lead singer Tommy Heath remains. For some time after 867-5309/Jenny, Heath had made a living as a computer programmer in Oregon. He has since moved back to California and still tours using the Tommy Tutone name. Word on the street is the band has been signed by Spectra Records, and a new album is in the works. For more about the band, visit their official website here.


  1. I have that album, and I do mean album! :) It's classic.
    For a good time call....

  2. Loved that song - I was disappointed that it did not make #1. I heard an acoustic version and Tommy Tutone (will the lead singer) sounds good still.
    I actually play this song in my IPOD when I am doing my spin warm-up. Also the guitars in 8675 is really new wave!

  3. Stan, I used to have the album, but don't any more. I am sure I lost is in a divorce somewhere along the line...

    SteveA, Yes, it is a fun song, a real 'pick-me-up' song.

  4. Cheap Date got radio airplay in Texas. Nowhere else?



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