Friday, January 29, 2010

Like so many on a Friday afternoon, I will sometimes wistfully remember days long past, back to a day when I was actually asked out on dates. Or even just having a guy flirt with abandon. I remember rusing home from work on a Friday, putting some music on the stereo and jumping into the shower, giving myself plenty of time to fret over what I would be wearing to dinner, which could take some time, although always far less than I thought it would. Meeting him at the appointed time and place, there would be some consternation about what time to be out the door, not wanting to arrive too early nor late. So I'd sit on the sofa listening to music, programming it to be as relazing as possible, to avoid stirring up the butterflies in the stomach while ssitting there counting the seconds until it was time to leave. I would often resort to music from a bygone era, stories of great love, or love lost. Was it the wrong music knowing my state at the time, who knows? I just know that now, I will ask myself Lover Man(Oh Where Can You Be).

The music is by the Communards, although there is no video to show, and instead the images were created by the Sisters of Pertetual Indulgence of Bogata, Columbia, to a song from the selt-titled debut album from The Communcards. It was directed by Sister Opus Gay with the fabulous debut of Patty E. Patetik, and Santiago Echeverry.


  1. Howard you are too funny and a great post! I always like to hear your stories. Plus I love me a little of the good sisters!

  2. If we were closer, Howard, I would SO ask you out. Big Behr Hugs!!

  3. I can totally relate to what you are saying - I see myself in such situation. My picks vary - usually I like ABC "All of My Heart" or some old school new wave from the Smiths or the Cure - I know sometimes its depressing music but it's familiar and kinda cheesy fun!

  4. Maddie, glad you like it! The Sisters were definitely a bonus for the video!

    Behr, thank you so much. I am sure I would say yes!

    SteveA, it is amazing how music is always there for us, isn't it?



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