Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome New Followers

Just wanna take the time to welcome four new followers to Soundtrack to my Day.

Welcome Pam Ripling, a So-Cal girl who is involved in several blogs which can be found here. Welcome Raulito5, who has three blogs of his own. You can find them here and here. Welcome EmcogNEATO, an Indiana-based divorcee. Her blog can be found here. And, last but not least, welcome Ron Lancaster, a man without a blog, but hope we will find out more about him here. Help them feel welcome, visit their blogs, and I hope to get to know them a bit better as time goes on.

For a little welcome, here is a video of Eric Himan singing We Are The Same, in a performance for World AIDS Day at the Unity Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Thank you for following!


  1. A couple of the links to the new folks aren't working right for me.

  2. What a nice idea. Thanks for the welcome!

  3. I think I fixed them. There is no real link for Ron, so hopefully he will let us know about him here.

  4. EmCogNEATO!, you are welcome. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the fun!

  5. Welcome new peeps - have fun and happy new Year!



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