Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pet Shop Duets

Throughout their incredible career, the Pet Shop Boys have made interesting music, both on their own and with some amazing duets. As I plan to do a separate post on Neil Tennant and keyboard player Chris Lowe, Saturday night seems like the perfect night to share some of their great duets.

In 1987 Neil & Chris released What Have I Done To Deserve This?, a duet with the spectacular Dusty Springfield. It was on their album Actually.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? with Dusty Springfield

In 1989, the Pet Shop Boys produced Losing My Mind, a song by Stephen Sondheim, for Liza's album Results.

As part of the 1999 album Nightlife, the boys worked with Australian Kylie Minogue on the song In Denial.

The Boys worked on Robbie Williams album Rudebox, and in 2007, the song She's Madonna was released.

She's Madonna with Robbie Williams


  1. Not forgetting Confidential with Tina from her Wildest Dreams album.

  2. David, I didn't forget it, but couldn't find a video! Tina would certainly get priority over Robbie, I am afraid.

  3. I am a huge Pet Shop Boys fan, Howard. I was kind of wondering when you were going to post them. Here they are. I like all their songs. Mauro

  4. They've also been involved in a number of remixes - one of my faves is MGMT's "Kids".

  5. Mauro, it is funny, but there are so many I still want to cover, but at times I draw a blank.

    SteveA, they have done so much.

  6. Howard, great post yet again! I am a huge Pet Shop Boys fan. They made being me, a little easier when I was younger.



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