Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Music - Howard Jones

Howard Jones
Howard Jones
Howard Jones then [top] and now [bottom].

The song is Soon You'll Go, by Howard Jones, who had a string of hits in the 80s. The song was released on October 26, 2009. It is really just a beautiful song from the Ordinary Heroes album which I just purchased on

You can catch up with Howard Jones on his official website. You can order the CD in the US here. You can also purchase the album on iTunes and Amazon.


  1. Mr Jones is one of those performers, you miss but don't realize you've missed them, until you're reminded of their work again!

  2. Sorry to be so off topic...but

    I like Kid Cudi, and since your blog and the song almost share a title, I'd thought you might like.

  3. Jason, too true.

    Wonder Man, and the new album is really good!

    Writer, I will have to check it out! Thanks.



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