Friday, March 19, 2010

New Followers - Karen, Nelson G & Kurt

Right to left: Karen, Nelson G and Kurt

It is my pleasure to welcome three new followers to the Soundtrack family, Karen, Nelson G. and Kurt Cybulski. Karen is a Floridian, and has two blogs of her own. College Maven's Haven gives her a place to talk about whatever crosses her mind, and Kissimmee Daily Photo is where she posts photos of the town where she lives on a regular basis. Nelson G has the blog NGBlog, where he is 'Just someone trying to have my say, one blog entry at a time.' I like that approach, cause I think that is what we are all doing, each in our own way. And Kurt just joined, other than the photo above. Hopefully, we shall be learning more about Kurt in the comment section soon.

And, as tradition dictates, I will welcome you both to the blog by playing an old favorite of my own, and today that will be Eric Himan's wonderfully soulful There's Gotta Be Something from his There Gotta Be Something EP. This was Eric's first music video, and I thought it was so well done.

Welcome aboard, Karen and Nelson G!

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