Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project Flashdance - Jack Mackenroth

Jack Mackenroth

The stunningly good looking Jack Mackenroth is more than just a pretty face. He first came into the collective collective consciousness as a designer on season four of Project Runway, but he was also the first open gay HIV positive contestant on that show. After his appearance on the show, he appeared on camera in the sexy video for Telling On Trixie's Orion's Light. He stays rather fit and buff because he is also an athlete who has competed at and won at the Gay Games. Apparently, when he isn't busy designing clothing, working out, modeling, shooting commercials, or competing in the pool, Jack has quite the sense of humor. He recently posted this video of his own creation, doing his own take on Flashdance (What A Feeling).

You can catch up with Jack on Twitter here, or check out his official website here. If you follow him on Twitter, you might catch him posting pictures like the following:

Jack with Ana Ortiz and Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty.

Jack with skating star Johnny Weir.

Bravo's Andy Cohen, Jack and Tim Gunn.


  1. As you know, I've had the pleasure of meeting Jack on a couple of different occasions (including his 40th birthday party) - and he is the nicest guy you will ever meet.


  2. Loves him. Loves the video - great way to start the Wednesday.

  3. I got to admit that Jack is quite the looker and this is a song that always motivates me to keep trying!!

  4. Bob, he is quite the catch, right?

    David, handsome, talented and nice? Just doesn't seem fair. LOL

    Froggy, I couldn't resist posting it.

    Big Mark, Jack is gorgeous, so true!

  5. Absolutely lovely! You've had me smiling all morning!

  6. Jason, Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it!



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