Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome New Followers

Top: Aiden James, left, and Stan, right.
Bottom: Robert, left, and Tony Verzino, right.

It has been a while, but I need to get back on the ball here. There are four new followers joining us in the Soundtrack world; Aiden, Stan, RobertGA99, and Tony Verzino. Three are relatively new people, and one is an 'old' friend joining the fun.

Aiden James is a fantastic singer/songwriter based out of Philadelphia, and a fantastic guy. I have blogged about him often, for I am a fan of his music, having seen him performing live often. Aiden also has a blog of his own here. Stan is a widower from New Jersey, and has a blog as well. Metro Dystopia is his blog, and it takes a look at some very hunky men, although it might be NSFW. You can visit it here. Robert is a handsome guy from Georgia. His blog is a collection of hot guys, pop culture and personal stories called Bob Out. Check it out here. And finally there is Tony Verzino, who seems kinda handsome from what we can see in the tiny picture, and has no blog of his own. Don't really know much about him, but hope to learn more in the coming months.

So, welcome everyone! For the traditional Soundtrack hug, I will go to the obvious and give you Aiden James singing a couple of songs at a radio station about 45 minutes from me here in Delaware. And the live show they are talking about - I was so there!


  1. I hate not having speakers or headphones for my computer. :(

  2. Writer, you need to get that fixed!

  3. Wow! I never got a 'welcome' introduction for reading a blog! I feel so special!:) I actually did just start a music blog, check it out here:

    lookin foward to you music recommendations!
    thanks Howard!

  4. I will definitely check it out, Tony! And do feel welcome, please!



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