Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Release - Who We Are

Sometimes two talented people can come together and something really special happens. Sometimes, two talented people can feel strongly about an issue, and make the words they write sing like few others have. Sometimes, two strong voices come together to tell a truth so clear and in tune, it just takes your breath away.

This time, those voices belong to Tom Goss and Matt Alber, two amazing out and proud singer/songwriters I have enjoyed separately, and tried to enjoy in concert together, except for a major blizzard preventing me from attending. But it didn't stop them from writing the song Who We Are, a fantastic song with great music and lyrics from the heart. And once they were done, they brought two friends, both discharged using the shameful policy 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', and a camera crew from The New Gay, to raise their voices on the National Mall, exorcising the right to speak their minds fought for by many who have found themselves out in the cold because who they loved didn't meet the standards set by politicians who seem to want to protect the majority instead of protecting the rights of all.

Shots from the video for Who We Are.

So two men came together to write a song, and on video, two voices become four as two brave soldiers join in. Raise your voice, too, and allow four voices to become 100, and soon thousands. Sing along, and let those voices be heard.

Go here and download this beautiful song for free. Yes, for free. All you have to do is enter in your email, and you will receive the MP3 for Who We Are. But don't stop there. When you get to the following screen:

There are also other links, for the websites fo both Goss and Alber, and for the not-for-profit site for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, where you can make a TAX DEDUCTABLE donation to help U.S. Servicemembers unfairly discharged or serving in silence. They signed up to serve to protect the lives and rights of all, only to have their own lives interrupted and their rights removed. I am unwilling to see them accept that without a fight, just as I don't want to accept my own life is worth less than those of others.

So download the song, and give money if you can. And tell others about it. Bloggers, post about this song, this issue. You wanna use this post, feel free to contact me and I'll send the code. You wanna write your own, please let your voice join the chorus. And Tweet about it, and put it on FaceBook or Tumblr or MySpace. Let our voices be heard, let them be strong, cause this is a song worth listening to.


  1. Yikes! I see them standing out in the cold with their guitars and I'm freaking out. Are they trying to wreck them??!!!

  2. Cubby, I think they are just making a video for a great song. I love this song.



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