Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AI9 Yes, We Have No Benami

Today, the internet is abuzz with theories and results that will be played out live tonight on American Idol. Will Didi be leaving tonight, making it three ladies in a row? Wasn't this supposed to be the year of the ladies? Could the men outnumber the men 2 to 1 next week? That hasn't happened since season 4, and Carrie did go on to win Will Tim be leaving, despite Simon's claim his smile will keep him around for next week? Or will it be Andrew, a favorite theory of some who believe the eliminations have been predictable, and it is time to shake it up. And will the judges think about using the save this early in the competition.

On the show tonight they have Ruben Studdard, the season 2 champion. Wow, he has dropped a whole bunch of weight. Have to say, his voice is not as smooth as it once was. He is going out on the road this summer with Clay Aiken, that would be an interesting crowd...

The Ford video, the actually used Kung Fu Fighting. No, they really did. Big Mike gets his butt kicked. We touch on Crystal's scattered piano lessons, Big Mike's fake hair, and Andrew's mother.

Now, the lights are dimmed, and the results begin. Crusty starts with Lee, who thinks that was his own best performance. Simon thinks last night he made himself a contender. And he is safe. Casey is next. He is safe. Aaron is up next, leaving Katie and Siobhan to be up for the seat. We hear a whole lot about the judges, about twisted love, but little about Aaron. No matter, he is safe. Crusty let's Siobhan defend her performance. For Katie, they discuss the whole thing with the judges, and we find that Katie is in the bottom 3, and Siobhan is safe.

Justin Bieber is in the audience, and helps to introduce Usher, his mentor. Usher is dancing well, but is sounding out of breath for the singing. He is joined onstage by a big production number. An extravaganza. Complete with Will.I.Am.

Didi is up first, and Crusty wants to know if she will return to the guitar. She is not that secure playing on stage, and is told she is in the bottom 3. Big Mike is up next, and Ellen talks about the subtlety and softness of the performance. Crusty plays with him, and Big Mike picks him up and scares him. He is safe. Crystal is safe, leaving Andrew and Tim to fill the final spot in the bottom 3. Tim explains he isn't an idiot, and he understands. Andrew is safe, and Tim is in the bottom. The person going back to the seats is Katie, safe for another week.

Making his debut on the Idol stage, we get P Diddy, bathed in a bright light, his girls dancing ahead of him. The song is very auto-tuned, very Diddy. And they bring out the strobe, just to give me sensory overload. Diddy takes a victory lap, and the crowd goes wild.

After a commercial, we are back for the final result, and it is Didi Benami. Wow, three girls in a row. She is going to sing Rhiannon. She is good, but not great. The kids give her a standing ovation, but the audience does not. They go to Simon for the answer, and he says they are not saving her. And we see her exit reel. She holds it together, while I saw the chance of a meltdown. And I get no points in the pools. And in the proclaimed 'Year of the Girl', we get to the Top 9 next week - rumored to be Beatles related - with three ladies and six men remaining. Time for some testosterone to be sent away, I would imagine. All the men better be on their toes.


  1. Here on the West Coast we still have a little over an hour until the result show airs. You just saved me an hour of my life. Thank you!!

  2. Should'a been Tim.
    Should'a been.

  3. The next 5 on the fifth is close - I hope you can take part again:

  4. Behr, happy to have helped out!

    Bob, perhaps, but AI is full of should'a beens.



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