Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never Enough - Tim Campbell

An actor of note in his native Australia, Tim had a leading role in countless programs, including one of the leading dramas, Home And Away, until he left the show in 2007. He immediately started doing musical theater, with lead roles in the Aussie production of Rent and Shout. He also hosted several shows, including a revival of Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune, and The Singing Bee.

The following clip is from a telethon, with Tim and co-star Anthony Callea singing What You Own from Rent. Tim played Roger, the tormented rocker who shares an apartment with Mark (Anthony), and falls in love with Mimi. In this song, the characters are thinking about going their separate ways, trying to concentrate on their goals.

One can't have enough videos of people performing Single Ladies, can you? Especially if they are really hot men, you know? And Tim certainly fits that bill. I think GLEE needs to cast him, cause I'd watch him do anything...

In 2007, Tim came out as gay man, and months later confirmed he was/is dating fellow Aussie and Rent co-star Anthony Callea. Since I don't live in Australia, I first came to know Tim on Twitter (@TimCampbellTwit), where I found him to be hysterically funny. So I started searching him out, and discovered there was much more to him than just a witty tweet. You can find out more about him at his official website here.


  1. What a cute fun talented guy!
    Thanks Howard!

  2. Bob, you are welcome, and I am glad to feature this handsome and talented guy! He is hysterical on Twitter!

  3. Thanks Howard - he is a beautiful and very talented personality. I saw him often in Rent and he was excellent. That not in character Telethon clip was before Anthony started rehearsal! There are also some Rent audio clips on YouTube under the name wabizpeh. I loved him in Shout and also in a very short season of The Boyfriend in Melbourne. Have you seen the YouTube clips of 'Get Here' in duet with Anthony and also the Christmas Carols? He has a lovely showreel or two and people may also enjoy clips of him on Dancing With The Stars, where the judges found it hard to believe he didn't have dance training. Australia has so many incredibly talented people and he and Anthony are two of them. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

  4. Can I have him, please, please!?!
    I promise to take care of him & wash him & feed him.

  5. Mairanya, thank you for your kind words. Australia indeed has many talented people, and both Tim and Anthony catch my eye. If I could get them over here, I would love to see both performing live. Such gifted people.

    Stephen, I was kinda hoping to keep Tim for himself. But since you asked nicely...

  6. Tim makes me smile ear to ear Howard. So much talent and soul locked into one man.Irresistible!



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