Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Doctor's Note Required

This recap is originally written for Rickey.Org.

Soon, 20 will be 16.

Last night, the men had a much better show than last week, can the ladies do the same. That would include Crystal, whom we have heard spent last night in the hospital. She is there to perform, and they barely touch on it. Crusty has some meaningless patter with the judges, and tries to imply Kara's labido is in over-drive, and not only after some of the boys on the show, but Simon as well. And we eventually see Simon's double-decker trailer, and I am still wondering why.

Crystal has a a twin brother, and will be singing Creedence Clearwater Revival's Long As I See The Light from 1970. She put a gospel/blues spin on it, something I could hear Bonnie Raitt singing. She does a fantastic job, and is really good. However, when was the last time you heard anything like that on the radio? Kara even says she can't sing current music, but makes that a plus. I am confused. But not about the fact the judges love her. I do too, but not sure about for Idol.

Next up we have Haeley, who admits to being very nervous, and will be singing Miley Cyrus' The Climb. Repeating the judges mantra, she remind us she is a kid and is more comfortable singing kids songs. I like her phrasing out of the gate, and just kind of wish her voice could keep up with the song. She was a bit swallowed by the song. The judges didn't like it either. Lacey is on next, and we all hope she can recover from the rather unfortunate performance from last week. We find out she has a thing for antique shopping and refurbishing. We also learn she takes Kara's advice and sings Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer. The song, from 1998, is far better for her, catching the quirky quality of her voice. But, it also sounds very much like the original, and kinda dated. Scarily enough, Randy agrees with me, and Ellen doesn't. Kara is meh, and Simon not impressed.

After the commercial break, Katie will see if she can better her pageant performance from last week. She will be singing Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae, sung last season by Megan. She has a rather nice voice, but something is missing for me. Randy thinks it is a confidence thing, and the judges are not overly impressed. Didi is on deck, preparing to sing a Bill Withers song. Crusty lets her ramble a bit, and then we learn she tends to pray like a cat beofre performing - meow! And big words like 'indulgent' confuse her. She is singing Lean On Me, a great song. Again we get quirky, and some missed notes. The judges are frustrated, cause they like her, but not this performance. After the judges, Didi is near tears.

Creed is on board next, as Michelle will cover them. Not sure what song yet, but why? She loves to work with children, doing musical therapy. She is singing With Arms Wide Open. This is not good. There are interesting moments, but the song is not really naturally in her range. Randy is not impressed, but the rest give a qualified endorsement. After the break, Lilly will be bringing the Sam Cooke. But first we learn she plays many instruments, she likes to mix them up. She will play the 12-string guitar and sing A Change Is Gonna Come from 1964. Interestingly enough, Season 5 winner sang this, as did Adam Lambert last year. It is quite the interesting version, jam-packed with quirk. It certainly is nothing like what they did. The judges loved it, with Randy, Ellen and Kara thinking it was the best of the night, while Simon thought it was lagging behind Crystal. Not sure how to compare the two, for Lilly is more current for me, but I would tend to listen to Crystal more.

Katelyn was up next, will perform Coldplay. I instantly have flashbacks to a nasty Coldplay episode last season. The performs The Scientist, and accompanies herself on a white grand. It seems slow and really labored to me. It didn't really build to anything, but she sang it rather well. Randy wasn't into it, Ellen fell asleep, and Kara and Simon liked it. I think I agreed more with Ellen.

Paige has dry-mouth, and needs to drink when she should be impressing the voters. We learn she loves her coloring books, and will be singing Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson. She wants to continue with the rock and soul vibe. It was good, but there were some big notes gone bad. The judges are split, although they keep saying she is one of the best voices in the competition. That leaves Siobhan, and Crusty points out Simon calls her a 'funny little thing.' Turns out she used to have a mohawk, a botched one at that, and warms up with airplane noises. She is singing Think by Aretha Franklin. I can't help but think she might be walking into a trap. She does a good job, gets all big-voiced, and is wailing away. The judges go crazy, although Simon not as much as the others. I am torn. She was fantastic, but not particularly current. But she can do current, she did last week. Hmmm.

Tonight, Crystal and Lilly topped the night, with Siobhan on their heels. There were no real disasters, but some mediocrity. I would think all but those three need to be a little concerned about the result show tomorrow night a 8PM on Fox.


  1. I think I'm Team Crystal.
    I really like her, and, while I scarcely listen to the radio, I'd listen to her.



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