Monday, March 15, 2010

New Followers - Cubby & Jason

Left to right: Cubby & Jason Shaw

I am very pleased to welcome two new followers here at Soundtrack, well, really one old friend and one new. Cubby has been around for a while, and is now back. I hope we get to hear much from him, for he is a great guy. He hails from Ohio, and always has something interesting to add to any conversation.

Jason Shaw is a new friend, one I met on Twitter (@jason_shaw) and I found my way to his blog, The Seafront Diaries. Check it out here. He also works for several other websites writing news stories and editorials, including Gay World News and the Gay Agenda. For links to his work there, check out GWN and TGA. Jason is from Brighton in the UK. Jason was also kind enough to feature this blog on the Best Gay Blogs site, find it here.

As tradition dictates, I enjoy welcoming people to the group here with some music that is part of the soundtrack to my day, music I like to listen to all the time. So today, I'd like to offer a New Beginning by Stephen Gately, a gifted performer and a adorable out and proud gay man who passed away five months ago. RIP Stephen, I still listen to your music and love it. And Cubby, here is to new beginnings.


  1. That's an amazing song! It's strange: I watch all kinds of old movies, and seeing Katherine Hepburn or Cary Grant does not creep me out although they are dead, but this video is kind of creepy to me because of how recently he died. This time last year he was alive. Weird.

  2. Writer, I understand. I was a big Stephen Gately fan, and own the solo CD. He was talented and brave, coming out when many would have told him not to. How wonderful he left us with some fantastic music!

    Cubby, you are welcome!

  3. Why thank you indeed, lovely write up bout me! You sweetie.

    I'll miss Stephen loads. I used to have his version of Bight Eyes as my cell phone ring tone for months. He was such a lovely boy.



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