Saturday, March 6, 2010

Five on the Fifth - March 2010

Stephen Chapman has the blog State of the Nation UK, where he has the fascinating feature, Five on the Fifth. I know, I am a day late, but I have to admit to being under the weather. Since I didn't get out to take the prescribed pictures of people, I opted to go in a different direction. After last month, I decided to go out and take some pictures of my home town, the tiny hamlet of Clayton, Delaware. There is essentially one main road, pictured below. I added to them a sixth shot, a late payment as it were, taken yesterday at the farm of two ducks in flight. The water in that picture is a huge puddle in the field, left over from the melting snow. There are still random piles of snow left, but they are quickly vanishing.

Clayton Post Office and Clayton Fire Hall

Clayton Train Depot - trains no longer stop here.

Main Street in Clayton, including the Clayton Tavern.

Sign for the Clayton Fire Hall.

Water Tower in Clayton, Delaware.

Ducks flying on the farm in Clayton, DE.


  1. I love the random coke machine in the middle of the street

  2. I like it. Great to see, I kinda wanna come for a visit now and have a glass or two of beer in the tavern.

  3. David, that does make it very 'small town America' that is for sure.

    Jason, I'd love to buy you a bear or two or seven, but perhaps not at that particular bar. LOL

    Wonder Man, Sure do!



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