Thursday, March 4, 2010

AI9 I'm Gonna Have To Lose Sometimes

This post was originally written for Rickey.Org.

Tonight, the hopes and dreams of another four young people will be dashed, just like so many who have come before them. If they don't make it to the finals, chances are we have witnessed their time in the sun. Time and eight prior seasons have proven that to be true. Over 27 million votes were cast, at least that is what Crusty tells us, just before he introduces the judges and Randy boos Simon like he is at the junior high assembly. Randy, you know when you tell the kids they need to be more age appropriate? Pot, meet kettle.

I Got A Feeling, the Black Eyed Peas song, is sung by the group. Oddly, they do a nice job, although it is obviously pre-recorded. It is certainly no more annoying than the original. Back from the commercial, we get right to business. The back row stands up, and Tim is safe [woohoo, the picture will be used again!]. Todrick is up next, and is put on hold for a moment. Big Mike is next, and he is safe. Casey up next, and with some cougar reference, we find he is safe. John is up next, and either he or Todrick are going home. John Park is going home. He sings the Mraz song Gravity once again. I'll give him credit, he holds together pretty well, and is a touch better than he was last night. Still, I am not surprised he is leaving. I am surprised he is gone before Tim, but...what the heck do I know.

Back again, and the front row is up now. Lee is first, and will be safe. Aaron is next, and is safe. Alex is there, and is safe. Jermaine and Andrew are in the hot spot, and they cut back to Lee looking concerned for his friends. They go to Ellen to make a joke about frustration. The person safe is Andrew, and Jermaine is going home. He says his mouth did not get him into trouble, and the church taught him how to sing, and apparently to turn a great song into elevator music.

After the next commercial - they seem to be coming faster that bad quips from Crusty tonight - we will see Danny Gokey, who has a new album out I am sure he is there to pimp. It is great AI is looking after their own this season, bringing back Idols rather than random pop stars. Yes, Gokey has gone country, adding a touch of soul. Wait, what the hell is on the arms of his glasses? Did someone break out the bedazzler? OK, I'll let it go. Wow, he went quite flat on that last bit. On the whole, not a bad thing. After the song, he is talking a mile a minute, and talks about being up, then brings up the songwriter also has a dead wife. Talk about mixed messages.

We are back, and the ladies in the back row are up first. Lilly is the first to be declared safe. Paige is up next, and is taunted by Crusty before he tells her he is safe. Katie is up next, and also safe. This leaves Didi and Michelle. Kara is on the spot, and thinks Michelle is leaving. The person safe is Didi, and Kara is right, Michelle is leaving tonight. Sadly, as she sings that Creed song, she is not as strong as last night - quite sharp, except when she goes flat on some of the lower notes. The girls rush out to give her hugs when she finishes, perhaps also grateful that song is done.

The front row is up now, and Katelyn is up next. She is safe. Crystal is next, and obviously safe. Siobhan is next, and Crusty confirms she is safe. That leaves Haeley and Lacey, one of whom is going home. The one leaving is Haeley, and Lacey is safe. Suddenly we hear panic from Debbie the stage manager, and Ryan remembers the video package needs to roll with Will Young's Leave Right Now. And then we have Haeley sing The Climb. And Haeley is falling apart on stage, the lyrics are a mess, and there is little that is in tune.

So, honestly, I am not that surprised by the results. Only got two out of four right in the pool, but that is OK. No real shock, at least for me.

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