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Great Music - Andy Moore - Repost

This was originally posted to this website on June 18, 2009.
Andy Moore

Andy Moore is another musician I can thank Eric Himan for an introduction. Andy is an out and fabulous lesbian whom I saw while she was touring with Eric a couple years ago at the World Cafe Live! in Philadelphia. I was thrilled that she was on the bill with Tom Goss in a show at Nellie's Sports Bar in Washington, DC, earlier this year.

Andy Moore

Andy is a wonderful mix of the Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, and Bob Dylan, with an order of soul and a dash of sarcasm sometimes added to spice things up. She has released two studio CDs, both of which I own. Dig Right In was released in 2004, and Shifting in 2001. I like 'em both, but if I had to choose one, it would be Dig Right In.

Andy Moore

It offers 11 songs, and all are extremely good. Her voice is gorgeous and full, and so damn expressive. The song Desire is just amazing, perfectly describing the burgeoning feelings affiliated with love and, well, desire. There is also Forgiven, a song she wrote and duets with Eric Himan. I can't say about how their voices harmonize perfectly together. 'You should see, how I've forgiven me.' Wow, that is good stuff.

Andy Moore

Slip Away is a lovely folk ballad, with Andy's crisp and clear tone never faltering. Sobering is some old school folk, and emotional gift about love and life. Long Before Goodbye opens with 'You left me long before goodbye, I could feel it in your cool green eyes.' We've all been there, haven't we? Her guitar playing certainly doesn't take a backseat to a strong voice. The girl can play, and not just strum. There is such an honesty in her voice and performances.

Unfortunately, there are not any videos available of Andy, so I have to make due with one I made myself following the Nellie's show. My pictures roll to the song Uncomplicated from Dig Right In.

I bought her stuff from CD Baby, a great resource for indie music. You can find out more information about Andy on her website.

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