Thursday, March 11, 2010

AI9 Surprises for the Top 12

Recap originally written for Rickey.Org.

At the end of tonight's result program, the finals will be on, the Top 12 announced. The finals begin next week, with 12 going head-to-head, no longer separated by sex. The lucky one who make it through are ever-so-close to making it to the tour. Will there be a surprise? Four will be eliminated tonight, and two more before the tour line-up is set. They start with a video of clips showing the contestants vulnerable and caught up in the tension. We discover Season 8's Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre are performing.

The guys start with the group song, Michael Bublé's I Just Haven't Met You Yet. I am stunned someone managed to make this even more bland than the original. To their credit, they sound good, in tune, and ready to go.

We learn the theme for the first episode of finals, the music of The Rolling Stones. Wow, that is interesting. Didi is up first, called out from the top row. Ryan kills some time talking about the need for being consistent, and then we learn she is through. Siobhan is up next, and Ellen implores her to keep doing what she is doing, and she makes it through. Soon, Katelyn and Paige are called to center stage, and only one will make it through. Simon thinks Paige has the most potential, and Crusty announces Simon is correct, and that Katelyn is heading home. She gets to sing I Feel The Earth Move one more time. She is way better tonight than Tuesday.

Tim, Casey, Lee, and Todrick are brought to center stage, and givven a rundown on recent history. Casey is announced first, and is in the top 12. Quick break to Tim, and he is through as well. That leaves Todrick and Lee, and it is Lee who continues on, and Todrick is going home. He does Queen's Somebody To Love once again. He is every bit as good as he was last night, and Randy declares the performance amazing. And we go to commercial break.

Scott and Matt are on stage with dueling pianos, singing Billy Joel's Tell Her About It. Hmmm. I have to applaud the show for supporting former contestants, and the performance is pleasant. OK, I am unimpressed, but not offended. Scott plugs his new album, Heartstrings, and Matt plugs the single he has on iTunes, #1 on the jazz charts. He recorded You Don't Know Me, a duet with Anna Wilson. And then we go to another commercial.

Crystal is called out first, looking nervous. But she has made it and is in the finals. Now we get Big Mike goes to center stage, and we hear from Kara as to why the performance touched him so. And we find out he is safe. Lacey is called on next, standing in the top row. She explains the type of artist she is, and is given a seat with the final group. Next we see Aaron, and we hear him talk about being slightly intimidated by the judges, and he is put through.

Alex and Andrew are called to name the final boy in the Top 12. The final spot goes to Andrew, and Alex Lambert is going home. He sings Ray LaMontagne's Trouble again, with tears still in his eyes. I still don't think he is a blues singer, but, for my money, the best male voice was just dismissed.

After the commercial, we shall learn who will get the final chair, Lilly or Katie. The final seat belongs to Katie, and Lilly Scott is going home. Wow. That was a surprise. Lilly performs I Fall To Pieces again, teaming with the quirk that apparently didn't appeal to the voters.We see the parting video package for all four to the sound of Leave Right Now by Will Young.

I am not sure what I am to take from the results tonight. Hey, the only one going home I thought had a chance to win was Lilly, and even I realized the quirkiness might get annoying at some point. I just never figured it would be now. I didn't see Alex as a serious threat to win, but it sure would have been nice to see him have more time to grow before our eye. But alas, neither was meant to be. So the race is still on, which two will be leaving over the next two weeks, and not be on the tour?

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