Monday, March 8, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Berlin

I first heard them in 1983, fand was just crazy about the sound. Terri Nunn, John Crawford, and David Diamond, Dan Van Patten and Chris Ruiz-Velasco were a strong part of the American New Wave front, having released Pleasure Victim in 1982. With synthesizers blaring, Crawford's disinterested vocals and Nunn's soaring voice, the band broke out with their first hit, Sex (I'm A...), which was quite controversial at the time, and was even banned by some radio stations. It really just put to music a popular theory at the time, that women needed to be part wife, part mother and part prostitute in order to please a man.

They followed up that song with the slightly frantic Metro, which pulsed with the vibrancy of Nunn's vocals. The song and video was filled with a woman's strength, a big part of the early 80s music.

The next release from Pleasure Victim was Masquerade, a pop confection with a video that screams out the period, with the styling and content driving the time.

In 1984, they released No More Words, the first single from the Love Life album. Again, the angry refrains were tailor-made for Nunn's voice, who rails against broken promises.

They went on to have a big hit in 1986 from the movie Top Gun. Take My Breath Away was a good song, but not really in keeping with their New Wave style. Although the song sold big, the album did not, and in 1987, the band broke up.


  1. I first saw a video for the song Sex (I'm A...) on a show called MV3 with Richard Blade. I would have thought that they would 'mature' with 'Take My Breath Away' and continued on that path. Even more surprised that Terri Nunn didn't have a solo career. I really liked her!!

  2. Big Mark, Unfortunately, fickle fans don't really want maturity as much as they want the same. It is shocking Terri didn't parlay a solo career, for her voice is wonderful.

  3. Howard, I loved their music. Terri did have an amazing voice and it is a travesty that she didn't end up with a solo career. Their videos were tremendously memorable. Can still see them in my mind today.

  4. This is one of my fave bands from the 8-'s. The Metro is also one of the best new wave songs out from the 80's and is one of my faveourites from the 80's - and also one of the more popular and long-lasting tracks (you still hear this song on rock radio).
    When Sex I'm A....came out, it showed a sexuality in a band that pushed it to the edge (befor Madonna came out) which was unusual for band led by a female back then.

    Like Flames is also a great track and should of gotten more airplay than it got!

    Thanks for this post!



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