Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Party - Howard Jones

Howard Jones Howard Jones

One of my favorite acts to see back in the 80s, Howard Jones was a great concert. As I just mentioned his new single yesterday and ordered his new album, I have been in a Howard kinda mood, so I thought I would give you a Friday Night Party with some Howard Jones live. So crank the volume up, and take back the 80s! The first clip is a recent show with Ringo Starr playing the drums for Howard as he sings one of his first hit songs, Things Can Only Get Better.

In this next clip, we have him singing Hide & Seek at Wembley Arena from the Live Aid concert in 1985. Live Aid was such a huge show, and it was great Howard got some air time during it. I was happy!

Another of my favorite songs is Like To Get To Know You Well. This clips is from 2007 when Howard appeared on Swedish Television for reasons of which I have no clue. All I know is when the announcer is speaking at the beginning, I could not take my eyes off her breasts. That said, Howard is looking good once he takes to the stage.

I know I saw him at least twice on this tour, because I remember the costume. This was the Dreams Into Action Tour in 1985. The clip is from Montreux Rock & Pop Festival taking place in Switzerland. The song, Life In One Day, was a huge hit for Howard, and one he always delivered in concert. God, I loved his hair! I was jealous, and I had some pretty big hair of my own.

For more on Howard, check out his official website here. And you can check out my post on his latest single here.


  1. I love HJ! I have his first three albums but continus to get his singles throughout the years. I also just posted the 12" for "Things Can Only Get Better" - I hope you got it - I think the link is dead now!

    But anyways - he is one of my faves - I would so want to see him live!

  2. SteveA, I can't tell you how many times I went to see HoJo in concert. Saw him in NYC, NJ, Philadelphia, and God knows were else. Just got the new album, and I still love him!

  3. Dude.. that swedish chick has HUGE bazoomas LOL no wonder you couldn't take your eyes off them - neither could the cameraman ;)



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