Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AI9 Who Got No Satisfaction?

This post we originally written for Rickey.Org

This evening will will see what the viewing public has to say about last night, and find who they are not excited to see on the tour this summer. The group will go from 12 to 11, and someone will be going home, very likely not to be heard from again. If we go through the list, we see EJ Day, Vanessa Olivarez, Leah LaBelle, Lindsey Cardinale, Melissa McGhee, Brandon Rogers, David Hernandez, and Jorge Nunez. Aside from Brandon singing part of a song on the Fox series Bones, and Olivarez doing some theater in Canada, the entire list has pretty much fallen off the radar. So in the first 8 seasons, it has been 4 men and 4 ladies going out the door first, with the last three being men. Prior to that, it was a guy the first season, and then four ladies in a row. In other words, this tells us this will most likely be the last we are hearing from the person leaving tonight, but doesn't really tell us much more.

For the opening, we see another shot of Casey without a shirt, and the journeys to date. The payoff is Simon explaining the killer instinct needs to be there on the stage in order to win American Idol. After some perfunctory drama between Crusty and Simon, we get season 7 winner David Cook performing Jumping Jack Flash. He does an interesting cover, sounding very much like I assumed it would, but ultimately doesn't interest me very much. But I admit to being distracted by his hair, what is going on there? He is working on a new album, and he is 'stoked' about having it out, and he is taking a trip to Africa to be a part of Idol Gives Back, which is returning this year.

We get the first Ford commercial, singing Tick Tock Boom. All but Casey were a part of the shoot, as he had the flu. But he was there to work with graphic artists to create their own custom Ford Fiesta. And now time for the results.

Paige is up first, and she is in the bottom three. Next is Lee, and after discussion, he is safe. Siobhan is next, and after Ellen explains how she is like Adam Lambert, we find she is safe. Aaron is up next, and Randy struggles to explain his comparison to Justin Timberlake, before we find out he is safe. Andrew and Tim are standing up next, and Kara explains she was good with either going home, but we discover Andrew is safe, and Tim is in the bottom 3.

After the commercial, we get Orianthi, who is, according to Crusty, the bearer of the torch, the future of rock and roll. Well, sorry David Cook, your rock doesn't cut it, not when you have a blond chick with good hair. Have to say, wasn't real impressed with the song,

We are back in action, and Didi is next, and we find out she is safe. Crystal is next, and she is still adorned by Lilly's peacock feather, they are doing damage control, proving her not to be arrogant or a feeling she has it in the bag. But she is safe. Katie is up next, and we have the judges giving all kinds of advice, none coinciding. And she is safe. Big Mike is up, when questioned, he basically says 'screw you, judges, I am here for the people' and we discover he is safe. That leaves Casey and Lacey, and we find out Casey is safe, and Lacey is in the bottom three. And we hear that the judges save is in play again, first time I heard about that. And then Tim is sent back to safety, leaving Paige and Lacey in the bottom, and we go to commercial.

We come back to Ke$ha singing Blah Blah Blah, which aptly describes what I hear during the song. That was so uninteresting I can't explain it, although I am sure I am not in the demographic range they were shooting for. I kinda get the feeling if Katie Perry was playing a trailer park, this is what she would do. And we go to commercial.

Back again, we get to the result, and the person in danger of leaving is Lacey Brown, and Paige is safe. Lacey will be singing for survival, and will sing The Story by Brandi Carlile. The performance isn't the best, and the judges vote unanimously to not use the save. More Idol next week!


  1. I get an arrogant-think-I-have-it-in-the-bag vibe from Big Mike and all his stupid hand gestures, but not from my girl Crystal.
    Lacey should have stayed. Paige was awful, and Tim was unbearable. he used to be cute, but his lack of talent outweighjs that, along with his Shucks-gee-whiz attitude which i don't buy at all.
    Sheesh, maybe I am a cynical queen!

  2. OMG that Ke$ha thing was horrible!! She sucks! PS: Lady Gaga called and she wants her silver eye-patch from 2009 back but you can keep your stupid dancing TV's and Indian headdress!!



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