Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AI9 Teen Dreams Broken

Last night, the contestants made their last argument for making the tour. Today, the talk about the show has been that Paige is going home. Practically every voice has been saying it. And that makes me nervous, cause when the collective response is so unanimous, there is a strong chance it might be wrong. Of course, there is the chance for the judge's save, which I would seriously doubt will come into play.

After an introduction of the judges, Crusty announces the group number will be Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. A fountain full of brightly painted balls while the Idols singing Our Time Now, that is our Ford video for today. We also found out Casey had a bit of rehearsal mishap, Siobhan has zombie friends, Katie's father drinks to escape the results episode, and Mike wears a baby bjorn.... Now, on to the results.

Siobhan is up first. She is, of course, safe, much to the glee of the bleeding zombies. Next up is Lee and Casey. And after the vote, we get to move on to Tim and Paige. Tim would not do it over again, and Paige thinks she had a poor performance, and lost herself. Paige is in the bottom three, as is Tim. And Lee and Casey are left standing for the commercial. And when we return, we will see Miley Cyrus.

Next week, Usher will be the mentor for R&B/Soul Week. And Crusty introduces Miley at the piano to sing. Oh, my, she is a bit pitchy tonight. Bet she is happy the judges won't be critiquing her. She is singing her latest single When I Look At You. Afterwards, she chats with Crusty, and says she thought Tim was great, and the judges got it wrong, she loved the knee-slide, and a little Ephron. LOL

We come back, there is a bit about the Idol Gives Back push, and find out Lee and Casey were safe, even if we weren't told that before. Aaron is the first up, and he is safe. Didi is next, who confesses her frustration with the judging, and Ellen basically says, 'Not me, it is them!' And Didi is safe. Big Mike is safe, and happy about it. Crystal is also safe. Finally, it is Katie and Andrew, and Anderw is getting a chance to talk it out about the criticism, and wants to keep his acoustic sound. The person in the bottom three is Katie, and Andrew is safe.

The person who is immediately safe is Katie - which is odd to me. Why make her be in the bottom for 90 seconds? Anyway, we go to a commercial break, and will see Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas perform. We come back, and the kids are screaming for Demi and Joe, singing Make A Wave. Not surprising, Demi clearly outsings the solo Jonai, and after they are done, Crusty chats with them, and kills more time.

For the final results, we discover the person leaving is Paige Miles, and Tim is safe and going on tour. Of course, the judges can save her, but seems unlikely. And Simon kills the drama, and says they will not use the judges save, and she will sing her way home. So, we go to the video, and I guess she will sing out. She sings Alright Now to the credits.


  1. I've decided to no longer DVR this--it's on opposite Modern Family which kills me--and just flip back in the last three minutes.
    That way i'll never have to sit through so much crap and fluff again.

  2. Bob, just check out AI In 60 Seconds, that will cover it all! LOL



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