Thursday, March 11, 2010

AI9 Boys, Let's Roll The Videotape

So, I was at a viewing tonight and missed the show. But when I got home, I went online to Rickey.Org and watched the performances in Hi-Def. And, once I was watching them, I thought I would do a quick something to post. Although by the time you are reading this, I will be back on the road to Philadelphia for more funeral business, so here it is.

Lee Dewyze sings Fireflies by Owl City. Wow, that so did not work for me. Come on, I really need him to hit more notes. I still don't get the Lee love. For me, he is all growl and no voice. And the song seemed pretty much like schlock to me. I am sure, however, the judges will prove me wrong [eyeroll firmly in place] Randy acknowledged pitch problems, but thought he made it work. Ellen agrees, saying pitch problems don't matter at this point. Really? Kara thought he made the song even better. Simon thought there was nothing to rave about.

Alex Lambert sings Ray LaMontagne's Trouble. This is not working for me, and I like Alex. He sings it well, hits all the notes, and was just the wrong song for him, at least sung in the wrong style. He is not of the singer/songwriter style, he is a neo/retro soul singer. I still like his voice, though. Randy liked it, but wasn't wowed. Ellen really liked it. Kara thinks it was good, but still to stiff and needs to let go. Simon agrees, and wants him to imagine Randy in a bikini.

Tim Urban sings Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. Oh, this can't be good. He takes to the stage with just an acoustic guitar. My Lord, it isn't bad. In fact, it is kinda good. I was so not expecting this. The judges are quite complimentary, including the moment when Ellen run onstage to give him a hug.

Andrew Garcia sings Christina Aguilera's Genie In A Bottle. Interesting call, but it really isn't commanding my attention. Ultimately, for my taste, his voice isn't rich enough to do these type of performances. Randy likes his cardigan, but it didn't work for him. Pitchy in spots, which is a bad thing for Andrew, unlike Lee. Ellen thought it was nice at the end, but may be too late. Kara thought it was just not great. Simon thought it was desperate, not comfortable.

Casey James sings You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban. He has the acoustic guitar back out and a stool. I like this performance, he really is a country singer. In fact, I like it better than the original, but I am not a big Keith Urban fan. He hit all the notes, and made it sound very personal. Randy thought it was a safe choice, Casey is more of a Stevie Ray type singer. Ellen thought it was great. Kara is almost back to cougardom, and Simon liked it, but it wasn't a 'wow' moment.

Aaron Kelly sings I'm Already There by Lonestar. This is starting ugly. The arrangement is letting all his faults shine. The bottom end of his range is not good, and the vibrato is a bit torturous. Nice ending at least. Randy liked it, but thinks he has work to do. Ellen didn't love it, and Kara complains he is too young for the song, and Simon calls her opinion rubbish. But he does say the vocals were not great.

Todrick Hall sings Queen's Somebody To Love. I am afraid before I hit play. The falsetto to the song was jarring. Once the 'false' is a distant memory, it is his best vocal to date, but coming off pretty uninspired for me. Randy thinks Todrick is back. Ellen thinks he is brave, and like it. It was almost gospel to her, and she is surprised it worked. Did she never heard the song and it's many versions before? Kara thought it was very Godspell or Glee. Simon thinks he is a Broadway singer, not a recording artist.

Michael Lynche sings Kate Bush's [Although it was covered by Maxwell] This Woman's Work. He starts with a bad falsetto, and then turns to a rather bland r&b performance, before reaching for a mediocre falsetto note to close it out. Needless to say, I ain't buying what he is selling. But I have a feeling the judges will be. Randy loves it. Ellen calls it beautiful, and calls him the one to beat. And Kara cries. [I throw up a little in my mouth] Simon thinks he nailed it, and it is the best performance on the live shows. I guess you had to be there.

Frankly, that was not a great show, but it also wasn't terrible. But it left me with no clue on who is going home. There were certainly no stand-out performances for me. I would have a tough time saying who was best tonight, or who was worse. Except I have to go with the judging panel for the worst of the night. But they do say it sounds different there than on the TV, so who knows? I liked Casey and Tim [who'd of thunk I would ever type in that?!], and had issues with the rest. But I will assume on that flaming bowl of mediocracy, salted with Kara's tears, that Michael will get through, as will Lee. Casey should get through. I am thinking Andrew, Todrick, Alex and Tim will be making up the bottom of the voting, and that is as far I I can guess. And could be very, VERY wrong.


  1. I agree 100% about Michael Lynch.
    I didn't enjoy it one bit and when Kara started crying, I was a little sick.
    Casey was good; I like his voice and, well, to be fair, I do like looking at him.
    Tim Urban was a surprise, though I don't know if he can do it again.
    As for the show, I am Team Bowersox all the way.

  2. Ok good, I felt the same way about Big Mike. That cocky smirk he gave annoyed me to much! He really bugs me! I dont see why the judges love him so much. I'm thinkin Aaron and Todrik are goners!

  3. Bob, Idol is always an interesting ride.

    Tony, I was thinking Todrick and either Aaron or Andrew, so guess I was wrong. LOL



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