Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skott Freedman Returns

skott freedman
skott freedman

After taking some time off to finish a graduate program on the West Coast, Skott Freedman has moved back to the East Coast and back to the studio. He kicks off his return with a charity single, supporting LGBT youth, New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth and GSANI of GABLES, on the compilation album I Hear On The Streets, on which he performs the title track. You can buy the CD at CD-Baby here. It features Gregory Douglass, Sacha Sacket, Mara Levi, Kathy Fowler, Josh Zuckerman, Thomas Raniszewski, Emily Nyman, Eirc Himan, Namoli Brennet, Reuben Butchart and Ki Ki Hawkins.

skott freedman,charity album skott freedman

I am a fan of Skott, his music just strong and gorgeous. From his early releases, 2001's Anything Worth Mentioning and 2003's Some Company and 2005's Judge A Book, to the latest, the 2009 album The Cottage Sessions, I am always eager to hear what he is up to. I am proud to say all those are in my collection. His talent on the keyboards is remarkable, and his voice has a nice tone and depth. Here is is on a recent YouTube clip singing a cover of Coldplay's See You Soon, a nice message to fans as he just announced his first show in a while, in New York City on August 14, 2010.

He also posted this clip of another cover, Measure's Begin Again. While I do enjoy his voice and style, I would love to hear him singing some of his original songs on YouTube, cause I really like them.

For more about Skott Freedman, check out his official website here, his FaceBook page here, and his MySpace page here.

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