Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Concerts in Two Countries


I mentioned in an earlier post I would be in New York City tonight at a concert, drinking in the music of SIRPAUL. I have been a fan for several years, collecting & loving his music, so it was a big thrill to interview him a while ago. The following are short clips of SIRPAUL performing from several years ago. Enjoy this partial clip of SIRPAUL singing Carry You Home.

However, I haven't seen him perform live, at least until tonight. So I have had these tickets for a couple of months, and just ecstatic. Not only am I getting to see him live, I will also be meeting him after the show! He has been so gracious and fantastic so far, this is just pure bonus. Here is a short clip of him performing the song Thrust.

At the same time, Theo Tams will be live at a show in Toronto. When Theo first announced he had a show coming up, I tweeted him to say if it was any day but the 26th, I would be there. Oh, well, best laid plans.

theo tams,toronto,the supermarket

I still wanna see this boy live at some point, but he is soon taking off for some shows in the UK. I am hoping to catch him soon when he returns! Until then, enjoy this clip of of Theo's acoustic performance of I'm Gonna Say.

Here's hoping everyone will have a great time tonight, not only those in the audience, but also these two performers, as well as anyone else putting their music and soul out there on a Saturday night!


  1. Howard, I think you can attest that the fans at SirPaul had a blast, and I can assure you that those of us who saw Theo were likewise absolutely enthralled! What can I say? Some performers just have "it". ;)


  2. Wonder Man, as long as the music is good... LOL

    Sue, So true! Still planning on being among the Thweos enjoying a show soon!



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