Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jay Brannan - Housewife

jay brannan
Jay Brannan

Like many people, I happened across Jay Brannan on YouTube, and loved what he was doing. He wanted to be an actor, and has, in fact, appeared in a few films, including Shortbus and Holding Trevor, and was very good in them. But he also played the guitar, and essentially began his career as a singer/songwriter posting videos on YouTube that were shot in his NYC apartment, and created a fanbase. I've seen him twice in performance, and both times he was exceptional. While most of his videos are of the homemade variety, the also has done some with slightly higher production values. That includes the video for Housewife, one the fan favorites.

Jay's self-deprecating humor is a mainstay in both his live shows and his online shows. Jay will often pop onto Justin.TV and play some songs, or wash the dishes, you never can tell. However, he is always entertaining. The following is the video for Can't Have It All, another fantastic song.

For more great information, check out Jay's official website here.


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