Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Followers - TrannyBeth & Brighton J

new followers new followers
Left to right: Brighton J and Beth.

I would like to welcome two new followers to Soundtrack to my Day. First, let me just ask, 'TrannyBeth, what the hell took you so long?!' OK, that might be harsh, but she is one of the major reasons I have a blog at all, and it sure feels nice to have her on board! You can check out her blog Blind As A Bat here. When you visit, check out the gorgeous pictures she takes, as well as those beautiful children she gave birth to. And in case you don't notice from the picture, she is one hot mamma!

Also, a hearty welcome for Brighton J, although, sadly, I don't know much about them. In the 'About Me:' section, it also says Brave Little Pop Star's, and there lists a website of the same name, yet I can't seem to open it. So, all I can offer is a huge hello!

As is the tradition here, I like to welcome people with music. So, this time out the gate, I chose to go with a Little Van Morrison, cause he just amazing. And, since it is Sunday morning, I thought I would go with Van singing Into The Mystic from his Moondance album.


  1. You know... I recognize one of your 'old' new followers!

  2. Big Mark, I bet you do. I luvs me some Beth!



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