Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cyndi's Still Unusual, And Great!

cyndi lauper,memphis blues

She's still gorgeous, still having fun, and still gives a damn. Gotta love Cyndi Lauper! Here she is on a recent appearance on ABC's Nightline to talk about herself just a little.

Here, she talks about her latest album, Memphis Blues. It is available for purchase now on iTunes, and you can get it here.

Check out her official website here. Here is a promo video for the new album. I don't have it yet, but will. She's supported us for so long, seems the least I can do is spend $10 on her album. Especially since it is a Cyndi Lauper album, and will be great!


  1. Love her so much. I'm really looking forward to hearing things from the new CD.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, I can't wait for that new album, she's amazing.

    Hard to believe she's 57!

    I remember going to a concert of hers in my home town of Brighton. It was in a rather small dome shaped theater, during one song 'she bop' I think she jumped off stage and wandered around the audience singing, and then had to be lifted back on stage. It was magical.

    Then after the show, me and my then boyf were walking round the back of the building, and we saw her through a tiny window, she signed my boyfs programme, said that she noticed us holding hands in the audience and wished us luck! A magical memory. Thanks for bringing it back for me!

  3. This is a must-have, not simply because of her icon stature within the LGBT community, but becuase she's freakin'amazingly talented.

  4. She's truly unusual and amazing, as always. Howard, I'm really excited for her and looking forward to this one.)

  5. Michael, I swear she is more like a member of the family at this point.

    Jason, thanks for the story - she is such a Goddess, really. Love hur!

    Bob, I had to go buy it soon after writing this post, and listened - out-freakin-rageously great!

    Kyle, Thanks fro stopping by, and it is worth listening to!



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