Monday, June 7, 2010

New Followers - Waiting For John & Cello Josh

Photobucket new follower
Left to right: Waiting for John & Cello Josh.

I would like to welcome two new followers to the blog, Waiting For John & CelloJosh. Waiting for John is a blogger who has his own blog here. It is written by Tristram Spencer, an interesting guy with a very different perspective on life. Cello Josh is a Philadelphia-based cellist who works at a lawfirm in Philly, and playing with the Philadelphia Orchestra when needed. Both seem to like music, which should be needed here at this blog.

In what is now a tradition here at Soundtrack to my Day, I offer up a video to introduce the new followers to everyone already here. So today I chose the textured layers of Vermonter Gregory Douglass singing Hang Around.


  1. Hiya Howard,

    thank you so much for this little mention, it's very kind.

    Tristram. X

  2. Tristram, you are welcome. Thanks for joining us here!



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