Saturday, June 12, 2010

REPOST - Saturday Rocks - Collective Soul

This was originally posted on November 13, 2009. Since I am on the run this weekend, I thought I would try to offer up this post.

collective soul
collective soul

It's the weekend, time to rock! My fondness for @Collective_Soul extends beyond Twitter, as I do have most of their albums, including 7even Year Itch, the greatest hits set, covering 1994-2001. The band consists of Ed Roland, Ed Roland, Dean Roland, Joel Kosche, Will Turpin, and Cheney Brannon. The 13-song album included six #1 and two #2 singles from the US Mainstream Rock charts, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. It has many of my favorites on it, and now seems like a time to share. I love it when the boys rock it out, like in Shine, which I blogged out earlier, both the Collective Soul version and the one by Dolly Parton. Give me a song with multiple guitars, a blaring bass and driving drums, and I am happy. One such song is Why Pt 2, a 2001 single, the first from Blender.

Why Pt 2

Tino | MySpace Video

And there is Heavy, from the 1999 release, Dosage. Heavy had a more industrial sound, a crisp and tight sound driven by the hard edged guitars and drums.

Watch Collective Soul Heavy in Autos & Vehicles | View More Free Videos Online at

Another of my favorites is Better Now, released in 2005 a few years after 7even Year Itch. It is a pop/rock song with a harder edge, and some fantastic guitars.

Better Now

Jiff | MySpace Video

And, of course, there is the amazing vocals from Ed Roland, this brilliant rich voice never failing to use the music as an anchor, yet scale new heights. To catch up more with Collective Soul, visit their website here, or add them on Twitter here.


  1. I like their music. Shine remains my favourite - when this came out (I think it's 1994?) I had to get the album. Since then they have a couple of great tracks on each album....Bleed is a close follow up and then maybe December.

  2. SteveA, I am a fan as well! I think Why Pt 2 is a favorite.



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