Friday, June 18, 2010

REPOST Friday Night Party - Ivri Lider

Ivri Lider
Originally posted on October 2, 2009, I am reposting this as I had to slip away for a couple of days, and thought it was a good time to revisit the amazing work of Ivri Lider.

Well, it is Friday evening, and I thought perhaps it was time to have a good time, dance and forget the troubles of the week. For that, I present a video that always makes me feel so much better, Bo. The music makes me move, the song charms my heart. And, of course, I also have a long-standing crush on Ivri Lider.

Ivri Lider

In my first post about Ivri [found here], I posted the more conventional radio version of the song, sung in English. This is the long-play dance version, sung in Hebrew. And God only knows, I am trying to be patient as I wait for Ivri to release the English-language album. And to see him perform live. And maybe, just maybe, for him to realize he wants to fall in love with a man 14 years older than him. Wait, did I just go one step too far?

Ivri has already released a couple of songs in English, mostly songs from movies he has worked on. And "Jesse". I love this song very, very much. I swear it has wormed it's way into my head, and I must listen to it every so often.

So I do understand Ivri will never fall in love with me, but I still adore his music, and would just love to see him performing live. You can hear more of Ivri's music at his official website here.

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