Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Follower - SisterHazel

new followers,sisterhazel

I would like to offer a hearty welcome to Sisterhazel, the newest member of the Soundtrack circle of friends. Sisterhazel is also known as Louice Dahlberg, and since her music blog is no longer active, can be found on FaceBook here.

As is my custom, here is a video to welcome Louice to the fold. I thought I would double the pleasure with two of my favorites, Christopher Dallman and Aiden James, singing Dallman's Little Bit Of Blue from his latest EP, Never Was.

For more on Christopher, check out his official website here. There you can check out his music, and find the links to purchase his extraordinary music. You can check out Aiden at his website here.


  1. I wonder if Sister Hazel is familiar with Sista Otis..?

  2. Thank you....:) The picture thou look like a vampire.....did you copy it?

    My blogg is no longer

    Other things to do.....outside the box




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