Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sacha Sacket - Viscera Project

sacha sacket,chalk

A couple of weeks ago, Sacha Sacket announced he was going to offer a new song a week for the next year, calling it the Viscera Project. This week, Sacha out did himself, offering not only a new song, Chalk, but also a video for it. And both can be purchased for a $1 [more should you feel generous in your support of an independent gay singer/songwriter], so it is a great time to step up and check out the work of Sacha Sacket. You can sample the song before you buy it, and can even sample it here:

<a href="">Chalk by Sacha Sacket</a>

Give a listen, and if you would like to purchase, either click above, or click here. This is the third installment of the project, the first two being Breed and Give It To The Man. Both can be purchased as well, also $1 each, and both are song only packages. To check out Give It To The Man, click here. For Breed, click here. I am a big fan of Sacha and his music, and would recommend purchasing any or all of them. I know I bought them all so far!

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