Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eric Himan • Eric & the Adams

Eric Himan eric & the adams
Left: Eric Himan. Right, left to right: Eric Himan, Angel Adams, Jimmy Adams

What can I say about Eric Himan? I read about his music, and purchased it. I loved it. Whenever he came into the area, I was there to hear him live, loving him even more. He also introduced me to a few opening acts, Aiden James and Tom Goss, who are an important part of my musical soundtrack. And when I went to see him just last week, it was a fantastic show with no opener, just pure Eric all the way. The following clip is the video for Little Boy Blue.

Speaking of Eric introducing me to new talents, there is my latest 'friends,' Angel and Jimmy Adams. When Eric hooked up with them to form Eric & the Adams, I had no idea what to ecpect. But when I met the siblings online, I had a bit of a crush on both! They are so smart and funny, just irresistible. Now, I can't wait to see them in person! Here they are in the video with Eric, for the song Every Move.

For more about Eric Himan, check out his official website here. For all you ever wanted to know about Eric & the Adams, check out their website here.

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