Monday, June 14, 2010

Congratulations Levi Kreis

levi kreis,tony awards,2010
levi kreis,tony awards,2010,million dollar quartet

Last night, the talented and gorgeous Levi Kreis won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. There was all kinds of cheering and fist-pumping in front of my television, just so pleased his amazing performance was recognized. But before Levi took to the Broadway stage, I knew him as a recording artist, with some amazing music. I have four album, to my knowledge the complete collection. Starting with One of the Ones in 2005, I also have the 2006 release, The Gospel According to Levi, 2007's Bygones, and, finally, 2009's Where I Belong. All are excellent, capturing Kreis' roots in R & B, the blues and pop. If you are in the mood to treat yourself, purchase the latest from iTunes here. Or you can go for his debut, which included the song Hardly A Hero, which was included on the soundtrack to Kiss The Bride. You can find the album on iTunes here.

On top of all else, I can now say that this past March, I was privileged to see a performance of Million Dollar Quartet while it was in previews, and witness the amazing performance by Kreis. Afterwords, I had my picture taken with a Tony Award winning actor! If you get a chance, I highly recommend you get your ticket and go soon. I have no idea how much longer Levi will be in the show, but I certainly hope he can get back to his own music, which I love. I really want to see him performing that live! For more on Levi Kreis, check out his website here. Or you can check out any number of posts I have made here about his music, including here and here.

million dollar quartet,levi kreis,broadway


  1. A total hottie! Oh, and Levi Kreis looks hot too.

    I thought the show last night was magnificent. It was so gay-positive. I wish everything could be this good.

  2. Cubby, aren't you sweet! I was a wonderful show, save the Catherine Zeta-Jones debacle of a performance and win.

  3. Hi - I remember your posts on Levi. That shot of him over the piano is amazing. I missed the Tony's as was looking at the re-run of True Blood and then the MTV Movie Awards.

  4. Oh yes - I concur with Cubby - you are a hottie!

  5. I'm really happy Levi took home the award. Sometimes good things come to good people.

  6. SteveA, check out his music, I think you would like it. I love it all!

    Kyle, isn't it a great thing?



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