Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sacha Sacket - Judy (for Shame)

Sacha Sacket
Sacha Sacket

I am a relative newcomer to the appreciation of the rather abundant talents of Sacha Sacket. His music is intense, layered, and textured, and quite well constructed. I think i was introduced to it by my darling Bounmy, my Twitter friend from the West Coast, and I am better for it. The out and proud singer can really rock it out, as shown by the album he did with the all-girl band, The Ladykillers. That album is amazing, and I love the track Cockatoo! This is the video for Judy (for Shame), which is a song I think we can all identify with in some form or another.

For more about Sacha, click here for his official website.

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