Thursday, June 10, 2010

Archy & Mehitabel - Hammerspace

Left, Alexander Horwitz, right, Lee Waters.

It has gotten to the point that just mentioning the name Archy & Mehitabel and I start getting a little giddy. Musically, they are my favorite find in the last year. I am not sure I remember running into them on Twitter (@leewaters & @opusvox), but do remember chatting tweeting with Lee and then finding the music and knew this was a duo I needed to not only follow, but also to see live one day. This is a video for Hammerspace, taped ostensibly live, and the minute I knew I was a fan for life.

Visit Archy & Mehitabel on their official website here.


  1. Thanks, Howard!

    Ostensibly!? Hehe, yeah, it was a live take. You can't fake Alex's hands. ;)


  2. A&M, You are welcome. Damn, I can't wait to see you boys live.



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