Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ari Gold - Wave of You

ari gold
ari gold

I can remember the first time I saw an Ari Gold video, for it was quite the experience. I had read about an out and proud Jewish man who refused to compromise with his music or his life, so I went online to search out his videos. I found Wave of You, and was instantly entranced. The song itself would have been enough, but coupled with the images of gorgeous men and beautiful transsexuals, I knew I had to seek out more.

I did, and I loved what I saw. So I quickly added Ari's albums to my collection, and love to hear it when he plays on my iPod. His latest album, Transport Systems, is so strong, including the song I Can Forgive You. Here is the video, directed by Christopher Ciccone.

For more about Ari Gold, check out his official website here.

And this concludes my series of some of my favorite artists. That is 28 arts in the past 37 hours, all in a celebration of the support the readers of Soundtrack to my Day have given over the past year. Thanks, and you enjoyed it.


  1. Why are all of these musicians you feature so freakin' hot?! :)



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